Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Final Countdown

I am already hard at work getting posts ready to go for the next month.  I have almost the first week of posts written with images and we are ready to roll...

This will be my last non pink (and various shades) card I show off before my annual Save Second Base event kicks in for the next 31 days. 

So let's get this out of the way, shall we?
I recently picked up a purple 2018 Bowman Best with an Andrew McCutchen Yankees Jersey Serial Number (26/250) to pair up with my blue jersey serial number (26/150) I got a long time ago.  There are only 2 other parallels that I could attempt to get the actual jersey number serial for of Cutch in a Yankees uniform.  They are the green/99 and gold/50.  If an opportunity opens up for me to get either one you bet your butt I'm gonna "upgrade" the serial numbers I have to do it.   Already upgraded the purple from this.

And in case you're wondering either 1)I don't remember Cutch on the Yankees or 2)I don't remember him having any other number besides 22 let me give you a history lesson.  Late in August of 2018, the San Francisco Giants were clearly no longer in the playoff picture and Aaron Judge was nursing an injury that made the Yankees not comfortable heading into September without upgrading their already injury plagued outfield.  They made a trade with the Giants while the Giants were already in NY playing the Mets and Cutch was traded to the Bronx Bombers.  Cutch was given number 26 because Jacoby Ellsbury was still technically on the roster despite not playing for over a year.

Now for details about the next month as a reminder for how things will go.

I want to hear your suggestions.

I want to read blogs about 3D (DDD) cards before tomorrow because my contest ends for the Kelly Brook autograph in only a few hours.

And I want a lot of activity on the blogosphere over the month showing pink cards.  For every post you share in the comments that features a pink card I will match my $1 per comment donation to Save Second Base for every comment made on YOUR BLOG with a pink card shown and link in the comments below.  The more blogs that show off pink cards and the more comments (no spam) the more money I am donating.

Together, we can all raise awareness and that is why I am offering up a really cool card for my final post before we get rolling.

If you make a post with a pink card leave a comment below with the link and you will be entered in a random drawing for this Babe Ruth Yankees Stadium Seat relic numbered to only 6 copies.  Did I mention it's pink????  
How cool is that card?
You want to win it? Make a post with pink cards (or shades of pink or hell...any card with pink on the card) and leave a comment below with the link.  

The contest will end on the day when the ALCS ends.  

The randomizer will go off 3 times (Ruth's jersey number) and the blogger on top, wins.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Here We Go Again...

It's that time of year again.
I already have plans for "guests" like Aly Michalka among many other new faces.

There's a good chance that some celebrities from previous years will be making appearances too, depending on what suggestions may be made.

So let's try to get comfortable and prepare for what is going to happen in a few days for the next 31 days....

Each year during the month of October, I show off only pink (and shades of pink like magenta, peach, etc) to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer, a leading cause of death for females in the United States.  For each (meaningful, non spam) comment left by those that follow the blog I donate a dollar to hopefully help at least one woman get a much needed mammogram.
I have focused primarily on cards that only feature Andrew McCutchen on the card, but in recent years have also featured cards with a cameo appearance (either being seen on the card or as a name cameo on the back of the card).  Last year I created Falco Files which discussed players that replaced (Shane Falco Replacements movie reference) on an active roster, number worn, or trade.  I will continue to utilize these styles of posts as we celebrate the 4th Collecting Cutch Save Second Base event (I am no longer counting my first run on the Pirates Treasure Room I did back in 2014.)  

I do have some nice prizes to give away this year, just as I have done in year's past.

I am currently running a contest that ends in a few days.  The prize is this Kelly Brook on card autograph from the Inkworks Smallville set.  Kelly portrayed the character Victoria Hardwick, Lex Luthor's girlfriend in the first season.  She has been a top model for nearly two decades.
If you're interested in getting this card, go join my contest and show off some 3D style cards.
Time is running out!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Checklist Complete

Andrew McCutchen had 1 card to chase in 2020 Allen & Ginter.  Cutch has been a staple in A&G since 2010 (his first full season) and has had a relic card in almost each release.

I am disappointed that there are no minis or even a base card in this year's set, but at least there is a full size relic of Cutch.

There is a parallel of sorts to chase, but nothing official.  This is a blue swatch of jersey, but there is also a white swatch that has been made available at almost an equal rate.  If You come across one, keep me in mind.

The days to enter my contest are shrinking.  Please be sure to enter my contest here for a chance to win a Kelly Brook Smallville Autograph.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Keeping it streaky

There's still time to enter my contest for the Kelly Brook Autograph.  
On this day in 2013, Cutch began an on base streak in the Queen City, Cincinnati.
The streak also includes the 2015 All Star Game, where Cutch launched a home run.

Some people complain when a printing plate isn't in immaculate condition because it's a 1/1 and hate having a streaky plate.  Personally, I like seeing the wears and tears of a plate.  I don't understand why Immaculate contains the actual card backs on their plates or what happens to the printing plates used for card backs, but I am always happy to add a new 1/1 Cutch to the collection.  

Saturday, September 26, 2020

100 Years In The Making

Topps has often used Topps Heritage to play homage of baseball's rich history by using the players of today on designs of the past.  

The 2018 Topps Heritage design was based on the 1969 Topps set.  The set features non affiliated team color circles in the top corner with the player's name and position.  The set also features a yellow team color across the bottom.  There are double rounded borders around the player's image and that summarizes the basic concept of this design.  

1969 marked the 100th anniversary of professional baseball.

Topps used that anniversary to create a 100th Anniversary foil stamp mark with the MLB Batter Logo on the card.  This is an homage that 1969 marked 100 years.  These gold foil stamps have no serial numbers, but are extremely rare.

Cards with the foil stamp were limited to a print run of only 25 copies.  
Cutch appeared in both 2018 Topps Heritage as a member of the Pirates, whom he spent the 2017 season with and was the face of the franchise since his 2009 debut.
He also appears in the ultra collectable 2018 Topps Heritage High Number as a member of the San Francisco Giants.  Cutch was traded to the Giants and spent all but 30 games playing for San Francisco in the 2018 season.  The 2018 Heritage High Numbers set, much like 2018 Topps Update is incredibly collectable due to rookie cards of Ronald Acuna Jr, Juan Soto, Shohei Otani, and Gleyber Torres.

On a completely unrelated note, please don't forget to show off those 3D cards and join my contest.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Where's The Foil?

Today is just a filler post.
Not much to read.
Much like this 2013 Topps League Leaders Emerald card that is missing the foil on the front.

Don't forget my contest.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

3D or DDD: Another Save Second Base Awareness contest Preview

Congrats to AJ of the Lost Collector for winning the first Save Second Base preview contest for the year.  

With October being next week, I wanted to continue to spread the awareness early so I am doing a Blog Bat A Round style contest as I continue to give out some really cool prizes for interacting with me over the course of the next 5 weeks as I hope to help SAVESECONDBASE.
This blog bataround contest will close at 12:01AM October 1st so you have about a week to get your posts ready.  

What do you have to do for the contest?
It's fairly simple, show off some 3D cards (because who doesn't love DDD when we're trying to SaveSecondBase).  Leave a comment below with a link to your blog post.

On October 2nd I will randomize the valid entrants into and randomize it 3 times.  

The winner will be the name on top after the 3rd random and will win this On Card Autograph of Kelly Brook.  
It is from Inkworks Smallville card series and pictures Kelly portraying Victoria Hardwick, Lex Luthor's girlfriend in Season One.

Why am I asking for 3D cards to win this Kelly Brook autograph as another SaveSecondBase prequel contest?
She played a character called Danni Arslow in the 2010 creature feature Piranha3D.

Plus, not to be rude, but those have to be at least DDD...

Anyway, here are a pair (Oh the puns are coming out today) of Opening Day Stars 3D cards of Cutch.
I tried to capture the 3D look, but the scanner and my phone just can't showcase it the way I want.

Share your 3D cards!

I want to see everything from Sportsflics to Kelloggs 3D to Dennys Holograms to recent Topps online exclusive 3D cards like they did in 2018 and 2019 and everything in between. 
It doesn't have to be baseball either, share your nonsports cards, your basketball/football/hockey/racing/wrestling/tennis/etc cards.

Show the power of the Triple D, I mean 3D!

Remember to visit and help donate. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sticking to a new concept

I have been showing off Andrew McCutchen cards on this blog for over 3 years and have been blogging about Cutch collectibles for 9 years if You go back to my old Pirates Treasure Room.

While it is fun to discuss all my cards of Cutch, I also really like collecting items that aren't found in a baseball card pack.

I am hoping to show off some of my bobble heads, autograph photos, newspaper and magazine articles, toys, game used items, and so much more.

To kick things off here is a limited edition sticker made by Daniel Jacob Horine who I met on Twitter @Danny_Champion
Only 50 copies of this sticker were produced and Danny was kind enough to send me this one for my collection.  It features the classic image of Cutch from Retro Night. The gold chain, double cups, sunglasses all make this sticker a unique item for the collection.

What are some items you want to see me show off first?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

1st Contest Winner Announced

Yesterday ended my 1st contest for my October Save Second Base Event.  We had 5 people join the contest and discuss which John Travolta movie was their favorite and remember his late wife, Kelly Preston, who passed away a few months ago because of losing her battle to breast cancer.

I entered the 5 names into the randomizer

And the name on top was AJ from The Lost Collector
Congrats for winning the first contest of this year's event.  More contests Will be announced in the next week as we get closer to the big event in October.

I thought I would use this as an open forum for who you may wish to see me tie in for this year's event and try to connect to a baseball card.  

Some of my favorites from year's past have been from the suggestions made by readers like you.  I know that I have a list ready to go and even have some posts slated for certain days, but I really want your suggestions.

Just Shoot Me a comment below who you want to see this year

Monday, September 21, 2020

Food Journal For the Day

I was challenged by Fuji to somehow connect an Andrew McCutchen baseball card to celebrate Saturday's National Butterscotch Pudding Day.

It was extremely short notice so I didn't have time to gather up cards to somehow make that happen a few hours after reading that ridiculous idea.

But Fuji is a good blogging friend and I didn't want to dismiss the idea so before I get to showing off some pudding, here is my food journal for the day

I started the day off with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch
CTC is the perfect cereal if you ask me.

The back of Andrew's 2013 Topps card talks of how Cutch toasted pitchers in 2012, specifically a 50 at-bat span when he batted .560 and crunched 7 HR.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is good!

In the afternoon for lunch, I ordered a Pizza Hut big box to share with the lady of the household as I watched the Steelers play against the Broncos.
Pizza and burritos are my two go to foods for lunch.  I normally don't get Pizza Hut, but rather instead get pizza from the local pizzeria by my work.  Since we were both home for the afternoon, we got the big box to share wings, breadsticks, and 2 personal pizzas.

On the back of Cutch's Bowman Chrome card, it discusses that he is also a pizza lover.
And yes I do sometimes put pineapple on my pepperoni pizza. It is a topping I recommend.

For dinner, I finished up with baked ziti.
Look on the back of a 2018 Bowman card featuring Andrew McCutchen and you can see that he is a fan of baked pastas too.
I never had baked spaghetti, but evidently Cutch makes a mean plate.

Finally we finish with dessert.
And alas, it was almost a perfect circle to where it all began.  
Butterscotch pudding

Unfortunately I don't have any cards that reference pudding.  You win Fuji, you win!!!

Wait, what's this????

Emerging from the Pirates Dugout?
Why, it's a rainbow foil field access Stadium Club card from 2014?
It's serial numbered on the back 12/25.
Is that significant to Pirates fans?
Does that have anything to with pudding?

Why yes it does! It ties in with this angry looking man who became baseball's first 300 game winner and the most pitching starts in a season (75), James "Pud" Galvin.
"Pud" pitched for Pittsburgh from 1885-1892.  He is the franchise all-time leader in wins and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1965 as part of the veterans committee.

Wanna guess his birth date?
Is "Pud" an acceptable tie in to pudding?

I'll let you decide...
Leave a comment below and tell me what else you would like to see in the coming days leading up to October.

I will announce the 1st contest winner tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

What's The Over/Under?

Sports are back and that means that sites like fanduel and draftkings are running crazy betting schemes to get new gamblers to use their products.

I don't gamble, even when it's a sure fire thing like Kansas City Chiefs not losing by over 100 points.  My problem is I always like to root for the underdog (Hello Pittsburgh Pirates fandom!!!!).

I am deep into enjoying my pizza with the girlfriend watching the Steelers Broncos game and thinking with a 3 point difference, its looking too close to bet on anything even straight up, no point spreads. 

I tend to always be optimistic of the impossible happening, but in the case of today's game I just want the Steelers to win. 

Well, when it comes to impossible and sports cards, often times Topps Customer Support is spoken in a bad light.

I ordered a 5 pack of Topps Now cards that discussed the 100 year anniversary of the Negro Leagues.  
I did this for two reasons.
1)It has Andrew McCutchen on it so I needed 1 for the PC and

2)It has players of teams that are collectable so it could make for nice gifts or trade pieces. 
Unfortunately Topps sent me only 1 of the 5 cards ordered.

I reached out to them via email and through Twitter, but haven't heard back yet.

If you were gambling, what percentage do you think that Topps will respond and send me my four missing cards before the year is up? 0%, 25%, 50%, 100%
Leave a comment below...

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hoping for a New Era of Fun

Pirates have been bad this year.  
That may be an understatement actually.  They're 21 games under .500 through 51 games.  With a record of 15-36 they have a winning percentage of .294.  Extend that winning percentage out to a 162 game season and the team would lose 115 games.

Losing isn't fun, but if some key pieces are in place in the farm system, you can almost accept it.  

The problem is, there's not a lot already in place and the personalities on this team aren't even fun.  Besides Trevor Williams and Cole Tucker, many of the members seem to be introverts and not very outgoing. 

I'm exvited for the new era of Pirates baseball to start and hope that names like Hayes, O'Neil, Gonzalez, Reynolds, Cederlind, and Priester can match the names and excitement that McCutchen, Walker, Alvarez, Cole, Morton, and Burnett brought. 

Maybe Mason Martin becomes the next Pete Alonso and maybe O'Neil Cruz becomes Corey Seager.

I just want some fun again!!!!

This 2017 Lids exclusive Topps card was available for purchasing a New Era hat at Lids.  The card captures a jovial image of Cutch coming out of the dugout.  
The only logo indicating it is a New Era Lids exclusive is at the bottom right of the card under the stats

Oddballs like these and the Utz cards of 2019 and 2020 are fun.  

I wish there were more fun cards like this today like at McDonald's or Wendy's or Buffalo Wild Wings.

At least we have a few sets from Lids and Utz though.

There was also a 2016 New Era relic that Cutch appeared on and these are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find.
These cards have New Era listed more boldly on the card are are numbered to only 99 copies.  
The back of the card also talks about how they are found exclusively at Lids stores and made courtesy by Topps and New Era teaming up.  A quick search of eBay shows not only are there no McCutchen relics, but NO relics of any players found on the checklist.