Monday, January 21, 2019

Hall of Fame Announcement

It will be revealed tomorrow who else will be joining Lee Smith and Harold Baines in the Hall of Fame.

I thought it might be cool to show off some Cutch cards I have featuring members already in the Hall of Fame.

Tris Speaker
Ralph Kiner

Willie Stargell

(The above also features HOF Reggie Jackson)

Roberto Clemente

Clemente and Stargell

(Ok so the above card doesn't feature Cutch, but darn is it a nice card)

Stargell and Kiner
Ken Griffey Jr (along with Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson making appearances too)

Not a bad mini PC to combine, right?

So here are the people I would vote in

1&2: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get my vote because I believe in the Chris Archer rule: never convicted, never admitted, and HOF careers prior to belived start dates.

3. Larry Walker
4.Edgar Martinez
5.Mariano Rivera
6.Roy Halladay
7.Roy Oswalt (needs to get 5% for future votes)
8.Mike Mussina
9.Todd Helton
10.Curt Schilling

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Scripture Sunday. Job 9:29-31

Job 9:29-31
If I am condemned,
Why then do I labor in vain?
If I wash myself with snow water,
And cleanse my hands with soap,
Yet you will plunge me into the pit,
And my own clothes will abhor me.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Free Agent Signing...How Did This Get By Me?

There was a free agent signing earlier this week that I completely neglected.

OF COURSE, I am talking about....
Brian Dozier

Yup, Brian Dozier signed with the Washington Nationals and no one is talking about it.

Dozier has been one of the best hitting second baseman over the last half decade.

He was an All-Star in 2015 and clubbed a homerun as depicted on the back of this 2018 1983 All-Star Blue Parallel of Andrew McCutchen.  Wow! That was a mouthful to list the description of this card.

And here is the back which shows the box score of the game including Dozier's homer.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Winter Storm Harper's forecast

In case you didn't hear Winter Storm Harper is coming through the United States this weekend.

And I'm not even talking about Bryce Harper potentially signing a monster size contract either.

No, I am talking about an actual Winter Storm consisting of snow, sleet, and flash freezing.  For those that will be dealing with it, be careful on the roads.

Here are 2 of my latest pickups.

The Chris Archer metallic snowflake parallel was given to me by my girlfriend on Christmas.  Awesome, right?

And then I got the base holiday card of Cutch.  I still need the metallic snowflake parallel.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

As a rookie, silk is hard to wear

I have over 200 cards of Cutch that haven't been updated into my spreadsheet or scanned to the blog.

Among them is an extremely difficult to obtain silk collection rookie card of Cutch from 2009 Topps Update.

I've sat on this card for about six months before finally unearthing it to show off.

Here are my other silk cards I have previously shown off.

The silk parallels are a fascinating parallel.  Most people pass them off as gimmicky (and they certainly are), but because of the low numbering and lack of general interest in them most people just hold onto them instead of trying to sell them.

It has been about six years since I last saw one pop up for sale.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Chrome Auto

2018 saw lots of Cutch autos pop up in various products.
I also have the red and orange and xfractor parallels in addition to this base auto.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Sense of Pride

Cutch has been appearing in so many high end sets lately and I feel like Topps is producing cards of the former MVP just to get money specifically from me.

I know there are other Giants and McCutchen collectors out there, but there has been more Topps certified autographs of Cutch in the past year than the previous four years combined by both Topps and Panini.

With that being said, I couldn't pass up a card like this.

On card autograph numbered to only 5 copies with a sweet patch?


But wait, there's more.
You see that numbering?

There are at least 4 different variants to track down.  I have gathered 2 more (AM1 and AM3) to pair up with this.  I am seeking a copy of AM2.

Of the ones that discuss dynastic moments, this one is my favorite.

I loved the 2017 World Baseball Classic.  I think tournaments like that could really help make baseball a national pastime and must see sport again.

The reason why football has become so popular is because every game matters.  Entire seasons rest on a single game.

Can the same be said for a random cold day game in Chicago being played in April if you're the New York Mets?  No, probably not.  Even if you're a White Sox fan and you don't get the chance to see the Mets come play "your team" does it make an impact?  Nope.  Probably not, unfortunately.

That is why I love the WBC Tournament so much. Every game is important.  Players aren't playing for $300 million dollar contracts either.  They were playing for the love of the game and for the love of their country.