Monday, December 30, 2019

The New Want List

As the year comes close to an end I am grateful that in 2019 I was able to have crossed off 3 of my top 5 cards thanks to a pair of early Heritage Black Chrome Refractors becoming available (2009 and 2010) along with the 2014 Topps Opening Day SSP that Nate sent me.  In addition I picked up a pink card I put as a featured want during my 2018 SaveTheBoibies event.  I spotlighted that card this year as part of my SaveSecondBaseEvent here.

While I do plan to not be as aggressive in the coming year with adding Cutch cards in Yankees, Phillies, or Giants uniforms I will be looking for some of the older Pirates uniformed cards.  It is now time to update my Needs list for the Cutch PC.

Most of these images were taken from COMC by reviewing the sold out category or old eBay auctions.

Any 2009 1/1 will always be a top priority

I am always looking to add multiple copies of 2005 Topps Update or 2009 Topps Update cards.

2010 Pepsi Refresh Project Photocard 4x6
This has leaped into the #1 card I am seeking

2011 Gypsy Queen #79 Mini Photo Variant

2016 Topps Update #US30 Pink/50
2013 Bowman Chrome Fit The Bill Xfractor/25

Any card with a significant game used patch (Postseason, Jackie Robinson Day, Negro League Uniform, WBC Classic, Chuck Tanner Memorial, Ralph Kiner Memorial, etc)
 An example of a Ralph Kiner Memorial patch card I own is above.

2015 Topps #400 Pink/50
2013 Pinnacle Clear Vision Home Run (1 per case) or Cycle (1/1)

2017 Topps #636 Black/66
Allegheny Armada with John Jaso

2010 Topps Triple Threads #115 Sapphire/25
2010 Topps Chrome #35 Gold/50

2013 Topps Chrome #49 Pink/5
(Can't find any record of these actually existing besides this worthpoint capture from 2013)

Any 2015 Allen & Ginter Buybacks
(Below are ones I own)

Any oversized box toppers featuring McCutchen with other players

2010 National Chicle Umbrella Back /25

2012 Panini Prizm Team MVP Green Parallel

2013 Topps Cut to Chase Die Cut Relic /25

2018 Bowman Holiday Snow /50

Any autograph card from any year that I don't have, no matter how ridiculous or expensive they may be

Any additional pink cards I need (even if it is just a cameo card)

In addition to those cards I am always looking to add cards to my unimpressive basketball player collections of Paul George and Reggie Miller.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Growth as a collector

What defines someone Supercollecting a player? 

Is it a percentage of total cards produced?
In this overproduced era of parallel options it is nearly impossible to collect ALL the cards of a modern player.  Prior to 2015, I was pretty successful with supercollecting Charlie Morton.  I had 1 of every card produced (including parallels) except 1/1 printing plates.  Of course the number of releases (and thus the parallels) that Charlie has appeared in since 2015 has basically tripled. 

Is it having a certain number of cards of a player?  It is far easier to amass 500 unique cards of Ken Griffey Jr than it is Ken Griffey Sr. based solely on the number of unique cards produced of Griffey Jr vs Sr.

I still consider myself a supercollector of Andrew McCutchen and yet I only have half of the cards produced due to all the parallels and printing plates out there. 

I never considered myself a supercollector of Gerrit Cole, but I do have 300 unique cards of the former Pirates ace.

I still consider myself a supercollector of Charlie Morton and yet I have only sought out base cards since his departure from Pittsburgh.

With the 2019 year coming to a close and 2020 quickly approaching I have decided that I am NOT going after every parallel produced of Cutch.  Similar to my stance I took with Charlie Morton, I will always like cards of Cutch and Ground Chuck more in Pirates uniforms, but not put premiums on seeking out cards of my 2 favorite modern athletes in Astros, Rays, Phillies, Giants, or Yankees uniforms. 

This will hopefully allow others to help out with needs for my PC too as very often I hear "don't you have every McCutchen card?" or "what are your needs?"

I am growing as a collector and in doing so I am shrinking my immediate mindset upon a new release of "get them all immediately".

I chose to show off this trio of 2019 1984 cards to show my transition.
Pictured are the box topper, base, and mini.
Despite not being numbered, the minis have a print run of only 13 copies.
So while I will be growing as a collector, future releases will be shrinking.

Stay tuned as I show off some of the craziness I picked up this year that has been drafted in blogging limbo for months.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Nacho Nacho Man

I was blessed by a surprise gift from Chris at the blog, Nachos Grande.

I am not sure if Chris is aware of this, but whenever I see his blog title pop up in my reading list I think of this:
Anyway, Chris sent me this package in exchange for the prize pack and Cutchmas gift I sent his way.

 Chris sent me a lot of cards ranging from the 90s to current team.  Brian Giles was acquired for a relief pitcher (Ricardo Rincon) on the downside of his career and went on to have a very nice career.  Aramis Ramirez could be a 1st ballot Hall of Very Good candidate next year.  Jose Lind won a gold glove the same year he committed an error in the 9th inning of Game 7 of the NLCS.  The error ultimately lead to 20 years of losing records.  Carlos Garcia was with the organization for nearly those 2 decades of futility.
 I completely forgot about Don Kelly playing for the Pirates.  He just got hired to be the Pirates bench coach for the 2020 season.  The most notable thing I know about Don Kelly is that he married former Pirates 2nd baseman's sister.  Carrie Walker, sister to Neil, became a professional womans basketball player.

2 new Roberto Clemente cards?!?!!!!
Um yes please!!!
And to wrap things up an octaset of Cutch cards including a 2009 WalMart black card.  I stated I wanted to get more copies of Cutch's 2005 Topps Update and 2009 Topps Update cards for 2020.  Chris gave me a head start towards that goal.

Thank you for the surprise return package Chris.

Friday, December 27, 2019

A 1/1 Cutch Cameo

As a long suffering Pirates fan, the 2011 season provided some hope that the Pirates were on the path towards a winning season.  At the trade deadline the Pirates brought in a pair of veteran players to help push the team towards a winning record.

The team suffered a second half collapse which ultimately lead to another losing season, but they brought in Derrek Lee (and Ryan Ludwick) at the deadline.  This was the first sign that the Pirates were willing to add payroll if it made sense.

Derrek Lee got very few Pirates cards as he was playing in the Topps monopoly format (Post Upper Deck, pre Panini getting back in the game) and Topps wasn't at the level they are now where they produce 10-20 color parallels of every release.

Derrek's 2011 Update card features a cameo of Andrew McCutchen signing autographs in the background.

The official photo from Getty Images can be seen below.

I tend to look at the Topps Archives retired players for Pirates autograph cards that weren't available when they played for the Pirates.  With only 2 releases (2011 Topps Update and 2012 Heritage) there wasn't a lot of options available to get a Derrek Lee Pirates autograph.

I'm happy to say that I am the only one that can state that claim.

Thursday, December 26, 2019


I saw the Portland Address and immediately thought that it was Gavin.  I even emailed him saying I got his Secret Santa package.

Then he hit me with this whammer of knowledge I had no idea about...other people live in Portland...and they blog too.

Rod I apologize.  I didn't see your name on the side of the box immediately.

I opened the package and saw some delightful pink peanuts to keep the package from shifting along with some Paw Patrol (?) wrapping paper.
I have no idea what could be inside, but the smaller package has to be cards I thought.
I immediately went for that...
Roberto Clemente on the top?  This looks promising.  Not much is better than Clemente cardboard.

Well except when you get MULTIPLE new Clemente cards.

Then I went to the oddly shaped package.  When I ripped the wrapping paper, I immediately went into lil kid mode.
I can't believe 1)you found this unique Cutch item and 2)you got it for me.
This is fricking sweet.  Pretty sure I will never use it or remove it from it's packaging to "unlock the pro in mobile game".

One thing I particularly like about this "kid's toy" is that Cutch has his cross armband still being worn.  I wonder if in order for the artwork to be approved by Cutch it had to have that armband.
Here is a closer look.

Rod wasn't done though.  He also included a pair of McCutchen holiday cards.

Thank you so much Rod!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Elf Week: Santa's Coming? I Know Him!!!!

My absolute favorite line from the movie, Elf, is "Santa's coming! I know him"

This was an easy association for a recent pickup.

I missed out on the unnumbered autograph version but did grab this serially numbered to 10 player worn Santa Hat relic.
It's almost time to put out some Oreos and hang the stocking by chimney with care.

Santa's Coming.......

Monday, December 23, 2019

Elf Week: Six Inch Ribbon Curls

JediJeff hit me with another of his suggestions for an Elf quote and I happily obliged to fulfill his request.

Today's quote is when Zooey Deschanel's character is arguing with her boss about the way the presents are supposed to look.

"Six Inch Ribbon Curls, Honey" he tells her.
"That's impossible" she defiantly replies.
"SIX .... INCHES...."he says ending the conversation

I was a little nervous trying to think if I could pull this one off when I read his quote suggestion.

Then it hit me.  The 2018 Topps design has a ribbon like look to it on the bottom.

Ok. This might work, but how do I come up with six inches (no stupid comments about this please!)

Wait a minute, I have the gold numbered to 10 copies of the Giants photo variant in a 5x7 format.
Here is the 2018 photo variant, 2018 photo variant autograph/10, and the 2018 5x7 gold variant /10.

Ok I have a larger format card, but...

Welp, measuring from the top of the card in the center we hit the start of the ribbon at

Wait for it...


And I've done it again.  I paired up something in my Andrew McCutchen collection to a random quote from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Elf.