Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Gotta Cutch Em All (or just the ones you really like actually)

There hasn't been a lot of new cards for the collection since I injured my foot.  This is because I have been more frugal in my spending, but also because Topps still hasn't released a card of Cutch yet in a Brewers uniform and he was held out of a lot of 2022 sets so far. 

One thing I have been doing is getting into art cards more.  As a former comic book collector and original art collector I am finding that I love the idea of owning an original piece of art of my favorite athlete.

I recently discovered an artist named Melanie aka Lone Star Art Cards on Instagram and was blown away by her approach on creating these unique cards.

Her Instagram is here.  

She transformed 2 random Andrew McCutchen duplicate inserts into works of art.

This Pokemon themed card is based on a 2017 5 Tool Talent insert from Topps.
I remember at the height of Cutch mania in Pittsburgh there being a Nike shirt that said Gotta Cutch Em All.  I always liked that idea of being a play on the Pokemon phrase so I asked Melanie to transform one of the few cards of Cutch throwing a ball into a Pokemon themed card.

Love how this turned out.

I always wanted Cutch to have one of those Panini Downtown cards or Topps Home Field Advantage cards, but his peek performance years were when Topps didn't produce 25+ parallels in a set and when they didn't make any creative inserts.  

Again, Melanie to the rescue.

She transformed a 2011 Hometown Heroes insert from Allen & Ginter into a Pittsburgh Pirates themed downtown card.
You go the Clemente bridge, a massive Pirate ship, a parrot.

Mind f-ing blown!!!!

If you would like a commissioned art card hit her up on Instagram and tell her Collecting Cutch sent you her way. 

Oh and because shes a true artist she wrapped up the cards using tissue paper in a funky way that made me not want to rip them open.
Amazing work Melanie

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Redefining an Icon

Two years ago Topps tried to create an art project by getting 20 influencers to give their take on twenty of the most iconic cards Topps has produced over the years. The project was known as Project 2020 and it was very successful despite some people having absolutely zero interest in the project.  

Part of the problem with that project was one of the most iconic cards (1952 Topps Mickey Mantle) Topps didn't have a license to use Mickey Mantle's likeness.  Another part of the failing of the project is not all iconic baseball cards are Topps brands. When we think of iconic baseball cards there are a few others that likely come to mind like the Bo Jackson Score, Ken Griffey Jr 89 UD, and the 88 Fleer FF Billy Ripken.

Thanks to the greatest custom card creator in the western hemisphere, I have a unique opportunity to showcase the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr with a special Collecting Cutch take on the card.  Tanner Jones, the former Jose Canseco supercollector, and known as mouschi on many sports card forums created the below masterpiece.

I had a duplicate Andrew McCutchen patch card that I had won as part of a lot of patch cards that I needed 3 of the 4 cards.  Not having a need for the duplicate card and knowing I wouldn't get much value if I sold just that card by itself I reached out to Tanner to slaughter the Topps Tribute card and create the above masterpiece.  The Star Rookie logo was replaced with the patch of the Topps Tribute card.

The Upper Deck logo was replaced with a Collecting Cutch logo. 

The bat was positioned to be on Andrew's shoulder similar to Griffey's and the treeline in the background was added to mimic the Griffey as well.  I asked Tanner to show an image of Cutch wearing a chain necklace on the back of the card (which you can see below). 

Since Griffey is a lefty and Cutch is a righty, the bats were mirrored.
The back of the card discusses part of the inspiration for the card. 

I think he nailed it.
Here is an image of the duplicate patch cards.  I chose for the "better" patch to be cut up because the yellow matched up with the Star Rookie better.
What do you think? 

What are some of the most iconic non Topps cards?

Friday, May 6, 2022

All about that base, bout that base

Only 1 new Andrew McCutchen card has come in this week.  I told you I was slowing down with the Cutch pickups.

It's the base card from 2021 Topps Big League. I got it for less than $2 delivered.  

Last week I got a big lot of Troy Polamalu careds that pushed me near the 100 unique card lot.  I want to concentrate on only the great insert cards like the Kaboom and Downtown cards I showed off in my last post. I want to focus on unique images before I start venturing down the path of chasing parallels with Troy.  Prizm has included Troy in recent years as a legend player and there are over 30 different parallels to chase of that one image.  Some are great looking. Some aren't.  

Here are a few of my recent favorite base cards of Troy I have gotten including a 2003 UD Standing Ovation rookie. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May The 4th & Taz

I love pop culture. Not so much stuff today like Fortnite or Pokemon or whatever that Five Freddy thing is, but the stuff from the 80s and 90s I love!!!

I never considered myself a huge fan of Star Wars, but I do enjoy the original trilogy and *parts* of the prequels/sequels. 

Here is a card I have shown off many times before on Star Wars Day.
I wanted to take a moment though to discuss where my current collecting is.  I still plan to pick up as many Andrew McCutchen cards as I can, but I am really looking at streamlining what I am picking up and the prices I am willing to pay.  

5 years ago I would have just paid whatever was needed to grab new Cutch cards, but now I have certain prices in mind for what the card is (base, serial, auto, relic, patch, etc).  

It's a lot more enjoyable this way.
Plus my mailman isn't going to throw his back out with less than 5 new pickups a week opposed to dozens of cards incoming. 

Now, I say all that and have to admit...I am splurging on football cards now more than ever. 

I am looking for Jerome Bettis & Troy Polamalu cards for the collection.  I have close to 500 unique cards of the Bus and am nearing 100 unique Troy cards.
For a brief time, Troy was being called the Tasmanian Devil due to his style of play on the field.

Here are a pair of recent Taz pickups.