Saturday, November 27, 2021

32 Years In The Making?

If you've followed my blogs over the past decade you are probably aware that I have a deep nostalgia for all things 80s and the early 90s.  Well, there is a sequel that came out this year that has been 32 years in the making.  Well, not literally, but it sure felt like it.  

In 1989, Ghostbusters 2 was released following the huge success of the first film.  

A third movie was never released, but a few cartoon series were.  Fans were left waiting...and waiting....and waiting.

Rumors of a third movie began to surface, but nothing ever came to be due to the real life falling apart with stars Bill Murray and the late Harold Ramis.

The franchise is one of my favorite 80s franchises behind Thundercats, Transformers, and Voltron.

What is so cool about the Ghostbusters mythos is that ANYONE can become a Ghostbuster.

I finally got around to watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife.  I won't spoil anything, but I cried.  Not seeping tears running down my eyes like I was 5 years old and Optimus Prime died cried, but 40 year old nerd man crying at the deeper meaning of what this long awaited sequel means. 

Anyway, as stated this film (unlike the 2016 "female Ghostbusters" Answer The Call reboot) follows the canon of the first two films and picks up many years after the 1989 sequel.

Here are my cards with 1989 designs.

2019 Optic released an autograph MVP set to represent the 1989 Donruss MVP design.  Cutch was one of the autograph subjects and there are multiple parallels to chase after.  
I have the Pink Velocity, Gold Vinyl (Superfractor), Green, and base.
All cards are on card autos.
2014 Topps Chrome included a chrome version of a 1989 design of Cutch.  It came in a refractor and superfractor format.
I have both.
There were also Topps Mini diecuts released in 2014 Topps.  Cutch is one of the few who had multiple cards printed both in Series 1 and Series 2.
There was also a VERY thick patch relic die cut card using the 1989 design.  These are numbered to 25 copies and it is one of my favorite relic cards in my collection.
Bowman is Back Refractors used the 1989 Bowman.  Cutch's image is the same as his 2013 Topps Update All Star Card.

Were you a fan of the Ghostbusters franchise?

Do you plan to see the long awaited closure to the trilogy?

What is your favorite memory from 1989?


  1. I watched the first two movies back in the day and enjoyed them, but I wouldn't declare myself a super fan or anything like that. As for 1989... my favorite memory was World Series. It was the Battle of the Bay and was impacted by the Loma Prieta earthquake... which were both very memorable events. Plus it's the last time my beloved A's were crowned World Champions.

  2. My big memories of 1989 are 1) I got my first full-time radio job, and 2) I saw my first solo Beatles concerts--2 Ringo shows, one at Jones Beach and one outdoors in New Hampshire, and then at the end of the year my first Paul show at MSG.

    I'm still not going to movie theaters, and the Omicron news isn't making that any more likely, but I'll probably see the movie at some point, probably on a plane. Assuming at some point this gets better and I'll be flying to Singapore again.

  3. Love Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Really good characters, story and they did such a good job handling what came before. I really like the photo on the Cutch Bowman. 1989 was the Batman movie. We finally got a super hero movie that worked. I watched it again not long ago and it worked. Campiness and all.