Friday, January 14, 2022

A Brief History of District 12 and a pin that looks like a Lego

When people say I am an Andrew McCutchen supercollector, I live up to it.

I try to collect everything relating to Andrew McCutchen.  

Everything that has his name or face on it, needs to go into my collection. 

Over the summer I came across a former little league pin collection which contained an enamel pin looking like Lego inspired Andrew McCutchen for the District 12 Florida team.

When I think of District 12, my mind immediately goes to Katniss Everdeen, the heroine from the Hunger Games franchise played famously by Jennifer Lawrence
The character offered herself as tribute to prevent her sister from having to enter the Hunger Games.
She won the Hunger Games as a representation of District 12, a small area of Panem known for their mining.

She later went on to challenge how all of Panem is run and started an uprising.
Now that you've been graced with a bit of Hunger Games trivia, let's get back to that District 12 pin....

Here's the front of the pin
The back
Next to a standard size baseball card
Pretty sweet addition to the Cutch collection and definitely one of the more unique items added.

Did you exchange pins or patches in your little league tournament days?

Did you ever watch the movies or read the books for Hunger Games?


  1. I don't recall ever seeing pins or patches in Little League. I don't know if that's a generational thing or just an I wasn't that good thing. My brother was much better than I, but never played in tournaments because we'd go to camp in the summer.

    I saw the first Hunger Games movie. Not bad, but not great.

  2. He looks like he stepped in mud. (At least I hope it's mud..)

    1. I believe hes just not wearing shoes and thats his skin

  3. Fun post! I read the books, and then I did see the movies, although I didn't like the films that much. I sort of feel like they would have been better off as like a series on Netflix or something versus the movies. I did enjoy the books though.

    I have a few pins, but nothing I go out of my way for. I still have some patches from travel soccer growing up. One patch has a fun story. When I was 10-11 we traveled to NJ for a tournament (about 4 hours away). We exchanged patches with the teams. I now live one town over from one of the teams we played against and received a patch from.

  4. Played LL baseball throughout my childhood... but only played in one tournament. Don't recall the coach giving us pins. In fact the only LL pin I own was the one my mom kept in her jewelry box from her days of being a team mom.

    I read the first book in the trilogy... and watched all of the movies. I liked them all.