Friday, August 12, 2022

Plunder The Lox

I was caught completely off guard when AJ of The Lost Collector hit me up with a message saying "I have something coming your way".

Being the supercollector that I am, it is rare for items regarding Cutch to escape me being aware of their existence ESPECIALLY when it comes to cardboard.  2020 saw me start to limit the number of new Cutch cards to the collection, but I am still adding hundreds of new cards each year.

Where it gets tricky regarding my Cutch collection is his appearance in print media and stadium giveaways (excluding bobbleheads of which I have over 20). 

Included in the many stadium giveaways there are a bunch of T-shirts that Cutch has left his mark on and this is where I could improve the collection the most.

Well, AJ hooked me up with one of the best Sportscenter commercials of all time.

Plunder The Lox.
I love this shirt and have already worn it twice!!!
Thanks for the awesome shirt AJ
Anyone know who the blonde is in the commercial? She could be a good candidate for my October event.

What were some of your favorite This is Sportscenter commercials?


  1. Great commercial, and an awesome shirt. Nice of AJ to send it your way!

  2. Glad you liked it! It need to be with you.

    So many favorites. A couple that come to mind are the Crocodile Hunter tackling the Florida Gator, The NJ Devil going down in the elevator, Landon Donovan's yellow card, and John Clayton's ponytail.

  3. Great commercial. Don't watch commercials too often and can't even think of another SC commercial.

  4. In my mind, you've gotta be the most difficult blogger to find things for. It just seems like you already have everything.