Tuesday, September 6, 2022


For the first time since 2009 I went 30 days without purchasing an Andrew McCutchen baseball card.  I've gone stretches of 10-14 days before, but I have never gone a full month.  This may sound like a first world problem, but I actually did become addicted to adding cardboard of the former MVP. 

Last year was the least amount of card purchases I made of Cutch in over a decade of "CollectingCutch".

Then this year happened and my purchases are even less (partially because he hasn't been in many products this year so far). 

I used to search eBay 3-6 times a day while also looking at other after market card places like COMC, blowout, mercari, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc on a daily basis.  

Now I check out my Cutch searches maybe once or twice a week. 

Collecting cardboard can certainly be addicting and fun, but with Cutch's career coming to a twilight I'm just not as emotionally invested in it as I once was.  Having him join a division rival on a one year deal where the Brewers likely won't make the playoffs isn't helping.  

Here is the very last Andrew Mccutchen baseball card I received in the mail.  
It is the 2022 Select Scope parallel (unnumbered).
I made the purchase on the last day in July and received it about a week later.
Now I can say that it has also been over a month since I last received an Andrew McCutchen card in the mail. 

What is the longest stretch you've gone without adding a card to the PC?

Have you overcome any addictions and been proud after the first month?


  1. Congrats! I've definitely gone long stretches, but I can understand how it gets to be a big addiction. I've recently said no to some high dollar Tino stuff...cool to have, but ultimately won't make my life better. Best of luck sticking to this plan!

  2. 12-step programs give chips to people who go a certain amount of time without giving in to their addictions, but I think for Collectors Anonymous that might be counter productive!

  3. With prices still being so high, and me not willing to overpay, it's not uncommon for me to go months at a time anymore without buying a card. You get used to it after a while.

  4. No matter the addiction, the first month is the hardest and definitely worth celebrating. It gets easier from there on out, so you'll be able to avoid new McCutchens like it's nothing in no time!

  5. Congrats...? It's a great achievement, but it also means a really good player is nearly the end of a fun and respectable career.