Thursday, September 29, 2022

Collecting Update

Last week I was gifted with a 1/1 Topps Blank Back card in the mail from a longtime Twitter friend and Bryce Harper collector.
Cutch got his 1,000 career RBI that same day.  He did it on a weak infield ground ball fielder's choice that he couldn't be doubled up on. 

Topps honored the event with a 24 hour Topps Now card available which I snagged from apizzo1482 as a preorder for only $5.20

What a career!

He got his 200th stolen base and 1,000 RBI this year.
As of the 1,000 career RBI he was then missing some milestones by just a few marks
56 hits shy of 2,000
9 doubles shy of 400
13 HR shy of 300
24 walks shy of 1,000

I know that many people have come to check out my blog on a daily basis each October, but as with my collecting of Cutch cards I am truly burned out from it.  I may do a few posts, but it won't be the same as years past and due to financial struggles still residing from my torn achilles earlier this year I will not be able to make a donation based on comments left.  I also won't be able to do any contests.

Sorry guys!

Thank you to those still reading the blog.


  1. Your annual Save Second Base month of posts were always required reading, and they will be missed. However, you have to take care of you first and foremost! Hope that Achilles has healed without issue, and that a much deserved break helps with the burnout. Take care!

  2. Hey, good fo hear from you.
    Though about you when Cutch got that RBI, and I saw that card. Anything you post will be fine, please take care of yourself.

    Good Job! 👍

  3. Hope your future becomes brighter. Congrats on the 1/1.nice.

  4. Well, we'll be here when you're ready to post again, however much or little that might be. Be well.

  5. Sorry to hear life is a bit tough right hope. Hope we still see a save second base post or two if you're up for it. Congrats on the new Cutch cards!

  6. Nice cards! We'll all be here whenever you make it back to 100%.

  7. Sorry to hear about the torn achilles and financial stuff, but glad to see a post on here.

  8. How is your recovery coming along btw?

  9. Nice card of Cutch ,get well soon.