Monday, May 22, 2017

The 7 Samurai: My 7 Superfractors

I have been rewatching an anime from the early 2000s recently called Samurai 7.  It is loosely based on the old black and white movie, the Seven Samurai from 1954.  I tried once to watch the original live action film, but never got into it.
The anime under the name Samurai 7 drew me in like a flailing nunchuck though.

Has anyone watched an old anime series (or cartoon series for that matter) and researched it many years later admiring the intricate details placed in the creative process of it?

I can't get enough of watching this show again for the first time in a decade.

Because of my revived love for the anime, I thought it would be a goodtime to show off my 7 Superfractors

Here they are in order of release year.

2009 Bowman

One of my favorite cards as noted in my contest which IS ENDING SOON...

2009 Topps Chrome

I believe this may be a proof, but despite not having the 1/1 stamp Topps representatives have assured that it is the true Superfractor

2015 Topps Chrome Gallery of Greats

This insert series is beautiful.  It was the first ever complete rainbow I ever made and my very first Superfractor.

2016 Topps Chrome

I completed this rainbow recently.

2016 Tribute

Another rainbow that is nearly completed

2016 Finest

The color parallels for Finest in 2016 really popped.  The Superfractor did NOT.

2016 Topps Chrome Perspectives

Take a beautifully photographed insert set and add 1990s Microsoft Paint effects to it and you got Perspectives.  The inserts received the Chrome parallel treatment which included the Superfractors.  Unfortunately, the darkness of all these Perspective cards as many are night time cards don't do much to the eye for the Chrome version.

I will always be on the hunt for more Superfractors, but always have a price in mind when acquiring them.  I will NOT pay $600+ for a current release.  That's just stupid.  I could get a Clemente Rookie for that price.

I will end with this video of the opening to Samurai 7.


  1. 7 Superfractors? Insanely awesome.

    I'm a huge fan of Akira Kurosawa films and Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) is one of his finest films. Easily in my Top 20 films of all-time. I also own the Samurai 7 box set. That's a great series too.

  2. 7??? Just saw this post. Crazy!!

    I finally got my 1 last year to finish a rainbow. Pretty nice collection you got!