Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Winner, winner

I recently received a severely rare card that qualifies for one of my top 10 Cutch PC cards I wanted to add to my collection.  I can't wait to show if off in the future.

I couldn't believe that I was a winner!!!!!!
Above is the 2017 Topps Archives Gold Winner Parallel from the 1992 design.  While not as rare or exclusive as the card I recently picked up, this card is still a pretty difficult pull.  These 1992 Winner parallels were available 1:110 hobby packs or 1:137 retail packs.  The 1992 design contained 100 player subjects for the 2017 Archives set.

The original Topps Winner cards in 1992 were available by collecting "100 Runs" as part of Topps Match the Stats game inserts.  Once mailed into Topps, the recipient would receive a pack of 10 cards with the gold foil winner stamp. 

Coincidentally the 1992 set was the last time Topps released their cards as a single series set.  It also marked the first time that Topps printed on white cardstock. 

The backs of the Winner cards look identical to the traditional look of a 1992 Topps card.

Were you collecting Topps cards in 1992?  Do you remember the 1992 Gold Winner parallels?


  1. I don't recall buying any 1992 Topps, but I did collect a lot of 1993 and have fond memories of it.

  2. I had a ton of gold parallels back in the day and remember Topps doing them with basketball as well if I'm right. Good looking card. Congrats.

  3. i was buying topps back in 1992 and was always looking for the gold cards, especially the barry bonds which one of the local card shops was offering a pretty good bounty. i don't think i saw the winner cards until later.

  4. I remember getting a ton of those gold winner packs back in the day. You could hold a flashlight up against the back of the game cards and see the matching pair. Yeah... I know that's cheating. But that's why the hobby has a bunch of those gold winner parallels floating around... compared to the regular gold parallels.

  5. I actually mailed away for some Gold Winner cards in 1992. Never saw a regular gold card in a pack.

  6. Guess I missed the fact they brought these back but Definitely have the originals and plenty of them lol

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