Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Best 99 cent auction I ever won

I am always looking to add more Cutch cards to the collection.  Since his 2009 debut I have been focusing more and more of my collection on him.

Now that I consider myself a supercollector of him  (over 1,700 unique cards) I am having difficulty tracking down some of his older cards (2010 and earlier).  

When I saw a 2 card lot hit ebay with an incorrect title for a single card I needed I played the 99 cent gamble, hoping the card pictured was included.

It was listed in the description properly, but the title was wrong.

I'm not sure if it was the compressed auction window, the bad title, a bad picture, or the fact that Cutch was struggling to hit above .200 but for me to win this 2009 Topps Unique Gold /25 for only 99 cents!!!! is a huge victory for my ongoing Cutch quest.

Behold the beauty of this rookie card.

Pretty sweet score, huh?


  1. Sometimes the best stuff is found when somebody misspells something... congrats!

  2. That's an awesome deal! I always check for auctions with Goldschmidt misspelled.