Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cheap Tricks

First off Congrats to Cutch for his 1,500th hit last night.  I am wkorking on a big post for that this week. 

We now return to tne regular scheduled programming...

I am not very good at photoshop.

Edward Vella claims these are not photoshopped.

Others say they are.

For $6, I don't mind adding essentially what is photoshopped limited print of iconic images of Cutch to my collection.  I have a few others of his already added to the collection anyway so why not keep adding them as they pop up for that cheap.

Truth be told I would much rather add an original hand drawn sketch by Juan Rosales, Chris Henderson, Darrin Pepe, or Brian Kong anyday.

Those guys got serious skills of an artist, unlike Strongbad


  1. Art cards aren't really my thing, which is kind of hypocritical since I do make customs. But I don't do much, if any, adjustments to the photos I use.

    I saw Tony Campana versions of these pop up on my saved search and I've passed so far. One might end up being picked up with part of my "found" money.

    What would you liken the stock used to? Heritage? Thinner?

  2. That looks really great. Congrats to Cutch on 1,500! Very nice, round number.

  3. Congratulations on Cutch reaching the 1.5k milestone. I like these art cards... but don't think I'd actually buy one unless I found it in a quarter bin or something.