Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fashion sense

Christmas season is upon us. I am stuck with the undaunting chore of trying to find gifts for family members, friends, and the significant other.  Everyone needs clothes, right?

That's where I get a little clueless. I am a jeans and hoodie kind of guy. I don't know what fashion trends are currently sweeping the country by storm. I don't know if buttoned shirts are meant to be tucked in or untucked. I am clueless.

Since Panini doesn't have their MLB license anymore they have been using top stars dressed in casual clothes for their yearly Black Friday release. This year they used Cutch in a horizontal backshot of him hitting the ball in PNC Park.

In previous years they gave us a cool card like this though.

Does anyone else have trouble clothes shopping for Christmas?


  1. I actually quite like the shirt that Cutch is sporting on that Black Friday card - I'd wear that. As for what's trndy or in-style? Pshh, my band t-shirts and jeans will never go out of style!