Monday, December 5, 2016

Pikachu in my head

I officially considered myself an Andrew McCutchen supercollector when I pushed my cardboard total greater than Cutch's career hits.

I won't stop though.

There is a lot of supercollectors out there with far superior collections to mine.

I want to rival some of those big guns who have 200+ plates or are pushing 500+ 1/1s.

I currently have 60 printing plate 1/1s of Cutch in my collection. They are fairly even in terms of colors. My most common of 1/1 plates is Magenta with 18. My least common is Black at 13. Cyan and Yellow weigh in at 14 and 15 respectively. 

The most recent plate added to my PC is a Bowman's Best black plate from 2015.

When I got this, the lyrics to Pokemon got stuck in my head by thinking "I wanna be the very best like no one ever was..."  What's funny about that as a reaction is that I have never watched an entire episode of Pokemon in my life. My family had one TV in the living room and my younger brother would turn Pokemon up very loud after school.

Never saw an episode.
Can tell you the words of the theme song easily.

As I continue to build up my Cutch collection I hope you will continue to follow, comment, and enjoy my new blog.

The journey "to catch them all is my real test" should be a lot of fun. Join me and if you see any low numbered Cutch cards, let me know.

I  would like some opinions on the look of the new blog too. Should I keep it simple regarding colors, backgrounds, etc?
Should I make a tab with the cards I have?
Would a Google Docs link for my PC be enough?
Should I make a top 10 of cards I am looking for?
Should I do a show and tell when it comes to certain brands, different styles of relic cards, etc?

What would you guys like to see as I show off nearly 1,400 unique Cutch cards?

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