Thursday, September 17, 2020

Yello, this thing on?

It's a short post today to remind everyone about my contest as we prepare for the 4th annual Save Second Base event on Collecting Cutch.  I have retconned the 1st annual Save Second Base on my original blog, Pirates Treasure Room, and treating like it never happened.  

As a comic fan, super heroes have their origin stories periodically and new #1 issues are published to set new standards.  

With over 3K cards in my Cutch portfolio, are there any subject matters you want to see me cover and try to connect it to a Cutch card?

I am up for the challenge.
After all, YOLO (You Only Live Once) or in the case of this card I purchased off COMC, yellow.

as in yellow printing plate
of Cutch's 2018 Topps Chrome card.  

Cutch has appeared in a few surprisingly fewer releases this year than I would have expected.  

He didn't appear in Gypsy Queen, Topps Chrome, Topps Archives, and most recently Allen & Ginter.  

He does have a jersey relic in Ginter, but it isnt one of the framed mini relics that Ginter fans really like.  

I suspect that next year will be even worse as Topps seems to be forgetting more and more about Andrew McCutchen because he's not new and shiny like so many other players they push in their products.

Over Cutch's career his baseball-reference Similarity scores compare most to Reggie Smith, Andre Dawson, and Ellis Burks.  I am sure that any baseball fan that has watched any of those three players play back in the day will tell you that they were all fan favorites and stars in their primes.  

It is becoming hard to accept that Cutch's career is coming to an end, but I still get extremely excited when I continue to add cards like the above yellow printing plate to the collection.  

Give me some writing ideas!

Go join my contest!  It ends on Monday


  1. Hey enjoy the lack of cards and take a breather!

  2. Tomorrow is National Butterscotch Pudding Day. How about connecting that to a Cutch card :D

    1. Oh my. That'll be tough especially with short notice. I'll try tho

  3. Since you mentioned superheroes and their comic book origins, why not something centered around that? It might be fun to see how you would connect Cutch to various superheroes!