Sunday, September 27, 2020

Keeping it streaky

There's still time to enter my contest for the Kelly Brook Autograph.  
On this day in 2013, Cutch began an on base streak in the Queen City, Cincinnati.
The streak also includes the 2015 All Star Game, where Cutch launched a home run.

Some people complain when a printing plate isn't in immaculate condition because it's a 1/1 and hate having a streaky plate.  Personally, I like seeing the wears and tears of a plate.  I don't understand why Immaculate contains the actual card backs on their plates or what happens to the printing plates used for card backs, but I am always happy to add a new 1/1 Cutch to the collection.  


  1. How many 1 /1 can one player have? I guess he has more than most players because he's a member of the MVP club, but still...

    1. According to TCDB there are over 1,200 1/1s for Cutch

  2. Gem mint printing plates are weird. I don't want an unused printing plate... I want one that has streaks of ink... and maybe even a crease or bend.