Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sticking to a new concept

I have been showing off Andrew McCutchen cards on this blog for over 3 years and have been blogging about Cutch collectibles for 9 years if You go back to my old Pirates Treasure Room.

While it is fun to discuss all my cards of Cutch, I also really like collecting items that aren't found in a baseball card pack.

I am hoping to show off some of my bobble heads, autograph photos, newspaper and magazine articles, toys, game used items, and so much more.

To kick things off here is a limited edition sticker made by Daniel Jacob Horine who I met on Twitter @Danny_Champion
Only 50 copies of this sticker were produced and Danny was kind enough to send me this one for my collection.  It features the classic image of Cutch from Retro Night. The gold chain, double cups, sunglasses all make this sticker a unique item for the collection.

What are some items you want to see me show off first?


  1. I'm definitely down with seeing more of your non-card collection. As for where to start goes, I might be in the minority, but toys are always fun.

  2. I'm probably most intrigued by the game-used items.

  3. Interesting! I'd say game used items and toys. I like the sticker a lot.