Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Delays, delays, and more delays

We have seen many delays occur over the past few years due to the COVID 19 pandemic that struck in 2020.  

When the pandemic initially hit there were delays with nearly everything.  Panini even made a toilet paper parallel in 2021 Optic to aknowledge the craziness that occurred. 

We continue to see shipping delays occur two years later.  

In the past few months of 2022 we have seen Topps finally distribute two products originally intended for 2021.

Up first is the 2021 Big League Baseball
This product was originally scheduled prior to the All Star Break 2021, but kept getting delayed until it finally came out in the late winter months of 2022.

I've collected most of this rainbow by getting the base, rainbow foil, blue, and orange.  There is a black parallel /15 that I just won an auction for coming my way eventually. 

It is odd to see 2022 cards feature Cutch in a Phillies uniform and I've discussed my disdain for that already. I am a sucker for these kid friendly products like Big League Baseball though.  I will definitely try to get the 1/1 red foil and the /25 blue foil.

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary is another recent product released that had an original street date prior to the end of 2021.
Former Miguel Cabrera and hobby shop owner, JT of TripleCrown24 sold me these two cards.  Visit his eBay store here.

This set is loaded with many parallels with lots of shiny refractors to collect.  The set features current and former stars on the 1952 set.  It is a 700 card set and features 14 different parallels to chase.  When the set was initially released it had 33 parallels announced. 

Have you purchased cards of either of these set releases this year?

What non cardboard shipping delays are you aware of still going on?


  1. A toilet paper parallel? Really? Eep.

    I don't think I've bought anything from those sets other than one Noah Syndergaard parallel from Big League, but I have a bunch of the Big League cards coming from Nachos' group break. I don't think we really need another rehash of an old Topps design, but I suppose I'll pick up some of those Platinum Anniversary things if they show up at shows.

    They missed a promotional tie-in with these. Give away copies of Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy album or tickets to see the Avatar sequel!

  2. I grabbed my Big League needs, and just recently noticed the Platinum Chrome issue, but blew it off. I may reconsider at least for my Braves.

  3. Haven't purchased packs or boxes of either of these products, but I did receive my first Big League cards in a care package a few weeks ago.

    Pretty sure the chips for cars are still delayed. With gas prices going crazy in Cali, I've been thinking about getting something like a Civic, but they're hard to come by.

  4. From Chrome Platinum Anniversary I got the base Tino, and the refractor is in the mail. Haven't jumped on any other parallels yet, as I'm waiting for price to settle a bit.