Saturday, July 2, 2022

"Just do it!"

For the entire time since I got back into collecting, Majestic was the clothing manufacturer for MLB uniforms and thus were the logos that card collectors would hope to get their hands on.  

I've shown off some of my Majestic logo cards in the past.

For those that may forget what some of those Majestic logo cards looked like, here is a recap.

2012 National Treasures autograph 

Nike bought the exclusive right to manufacture MLB uniforms for the 2020 season, which meant eventually we would start to see some Nike swoosh logos pop up on cards. 

Earlier this year I picked up this 2021 Five Star 1/1 Nike Swoosh logo with on card autograph.  

If you follow me on Twitter you've seen this with my MLB Logoman of the same design.  The laundry tag is available on eBay, but it seems the seller isn't willing to budge on his $500 asking price. 

I haven't bought any of the new Nike jerseys that debuted in 2020.  All mine that I wear around are still the Majestic jerseys.

Have you have bought any jerseys with the Nike logo yet?  If so, do they feel different than the Majestic ones produced?

Besides Michael Jordan, who else do you associate with the Nike brand?


  1. I pretty much refuse to by anything that has the Jordan logo on it.

  2. I have one Mets jersey, which my brother bought for me at least thirty years ago. If I do buy one again it will be a cheap knock-off or something I find way marked down.

  3. Damn, that's a great card. I'm a bit of a Nike snob, so I am very happy with the change. The non-jersey selection of Yanks gear has improved greatly since the takeover. My son has a Nike Judge jersey, but don't have anything to compare it to re: Majestic.

  4. Fantastic cards. Don't blame you for not giving in and grabbing that laundry tag card.

    Here's a breakdown of the baseball jerseys hanging up in my closet:

    1 Rawlings Oakland A's
    1 Rawlings San Diego Padres
    2 Majestic Oakland A's
    1 Majestic San Diego Padres
    1 Majestic Team USA
    1 Mitchell & Ness San Diego Padres
    1 Mitchell & Ness Oakland A's
    1 Wilson Las Vegas Aviators

    I have a few signed baseball jerseys, but they're sitting in a box somewhere, so couldn't tell you what brand they were.

    As for other athletes I associate Nike with... I'd say Kobe, Lebron, and Bo.