Friday, July 8, 2022

The Artist Who Never Gets Credited

I got a chance to learn a few things from photographer Dustin Bradford last week and I'm not sure how much he wants me to reveal, but it was fascinating to learn a bit about the Topps photography process.

Dustin is a photographer who works out of Colorado and has photographed a bunch of cards that occur at Coors Field every year.  His Instagram is loaded with many cards that he has photograohed along with some of his personal collection.  You can view his Instagram by clicking here.

He saw a card of Cutch I had posted from the July 4 2018 game where Cutch was a member of the Giants and they played the Rockies and noted that the photo used was one that he had shot.  I asked him if there were other cards of Cutch that have been produced that he may have shot.  

Well, as it turns out two cards in 2021 were shot by Dustin.

The 1992 Topps design found in 2021 Topps Update as an insert card features an image of Cutch at Coors Field.  You can view the original image at Getty Images here. Cutch went 0 for 4 at the plate in a 12-2 Phillies loss. 

The 2021 Holiday Relic also features an image of Cutch at Coors Field.  The snowman didn't make it into the lineup that day so that got generated in later. 

I asked Dustin if he could sign the pair of cards he photographed and he kindly obliged.  These are only the 2nd and 3rd autographs he has signed, the first being a Ronald Acuna Jr HR card. 

Thanks for honoring my wacky request Dustin.  For those that want to see his photography please visit his Instagram and check out all the awesome images that his eye and skill has transformed into a baseball card.

Have you ever thought about the original images used for baseball cards?  

What are some of your favorite images captured on baseball cards? 
Mine is the Kevin Mitchell 1987 Topps


  1. That is awesome - photographers never get enough credit for what they contribute to baseball cards. I've been fortunate enough to interview a few of them, I love learning behind-the-scenes tidbits about cards. I'm going to look this guy up!

  2. Very cool additions to your collection. A few years ago, I read an article from a 90's baseball card magazine where they interviewed one of the photographers for Topps. It was pretty interesting. The 87T Mitchell is a fantastic card. Not sure I have a favorite, but here are a few I enjoy:

    71T Nolan Ryan
    71T Cookie Rojas
    75T Boog Powell
    77T Carlton Fisk

  3. I always thought that the photographer's name should get squeezed in somewhere on the back!