Thursday, July 7, 2022

Where's the Happy Face?

It looks like Randy Arozarena and Austin Meadows recently had fake autographs used for Topps Definitive, a VERY HIGH END release ($2500 per box)

I've often questioned the authenticity of guys who just scribble an autograph with a single line and no distinct markings, but both Meadows and Arozarena have distinct signatures.  

As a former Pirates prospect autograph seeker I have been able to get Austin to sign in person and it looks like his cards signed for Topps products.  Below is a sampling of some recent eBay auctions for Meadows autographs if you're not familiar.
Randy's signature has a very distinct feature where he makes a "smiley face" before the R.  The last A is also extremely large.
What do you think happened with these dual signed autograohed cards?  What should be done by Topps for those that pull one of these cards if in fact they can prove they weren't signed by Randy & Austin?

Oh and here is a card of Cutch smiling.


  1. Yikes. I hadn't heard about that. Not a good look!

  2. Wow. They aren't even stickergraphs, so it's not as though someone used the wrong sticker. Either some Topps employee or someone at the Rays intentionally faked it. And didn't even put much effort into it.

    Those who pull the cards should get a version of the card with the real autographs, plus some additional autograph cards by way of apology. And they need to be ready to give out the real cards even if these are opened years from now.