Tuesday, July 3, 2018



I came across this old article on Rumbunter, a Pirates site, discussing a potential trade of Cutch to the Giants.  The article talked about a package revolving around Tyler Beede (Giants only top 100 prospect on Baseball America list), Christian Arroyo (article written before the Longoria trade), and Joe Panik in exchange for Cutch's final year before becoming a free agent.

The article goes on to close with it is unlikely that the Pirates and Giants will find a match to trade the face of the Pirates franchise to the Bay.

Well....a few weeks after that article was written, not only was Cutch traded but the Pirates included money in the trade (whaaaaaaaaat??!!!!) for International Spending money, Bryan Reynolds, and Kyle Crick.

Obviously the news broke me and I was very upset to see my favorite player get traded.

Overall though getting Kyle Crick, who has been one of the Pirates better more reliable arms out of the bullpen for 5 more years along with one of the Giants top prospects, Bryan Reynolds, looks like it will be more successful for the Pirates longterm.

This article wasn't intended to provide fake news or false hopes of Cutch being traded.  It was more designed to hold out hope that the Pirates may hold onto Cutch for another year.  It was an error of judgement and assumption by the writer.

Both Topps and Panini have made errors regarding cardboard featuring Cutch and the Giants over the years.

Panini made the rather embarassing moment when they confused Pirates legend Willie Stargell with Giants legend Willie McCovey.  I wrote about that card here.  The back of the card for a memory refresher is below.

Topps made an error on their 2018 1983 inspired inserts when they claimed that Cutch hit a Grandslam against the Giants.  Cutch did hit a HR, but it was a 3 run shot not a grand slam. AJ of the Lost Collector sent me that card here.  The card back is below.

Overall I am still upset that Cutch isn't playing in the Steel City anymore, but the addition of Crick and Reynolds could help the team much more over the next 5+ years compared to what Cutch could have done for them this year.  That's not a knock on Cutch either.  That's the business side of baseball.

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  1. Errors on Topps cards don't surprise me. They produce so many cards, I'd be more surprised if you told me that they have someone actually proofreading the backs of their trading cards.