Sunday, July 8, 2018

Let Me Clarify Things

I know yesterday's post may have seemed a bit glum, but I want to just clarify things.

I am not going to stop blogging.
I am not going to stop collecting.
I am merely slamming the brakes on how much I am buying and how much time I am spending looking for new cards to buy.  I have a platform with this blog to tell the world about my collection.  I enjoy that.

I have over 2,300 unique cards of Cutch in my spreadsheet (and probably a stack of another 50 not yet logged).  I could find something to write about for each one for over 7 years.

I am still in the early process of this understanding of what my goal with the blog may be.

This signed 1st Bowman card may help bring me closure of realizing I don't have to have the Ash Ketchum mentality (Pokemon reference of "gotta catch them all").

The card features a bible inscription
Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I can not speak for anyone else but myself.  I don't want to live my life defined by my collection.  Collecting no matter what it is has always been fun to me, but around 2005 it became more of an obsession, an addiction with my comic books, comic art, and eventually baseball cards (again).

There are other things I would like to be remembered for.

This bible verse has always been in my heart.  Whenever something bad happens to my family, friends, and other loved ones I have always thought in simple terms "it will be ok".

Sometimes I say it aloud not understanding the true meaning of why "it will be ok".

Then I go on to say things like "it just will be.  Life will get better."  Never did I force religion on someone or quote the bible or even mention the Lord's name.  That wasn't me.  It was as if I was ashamed to admit of my faith.

I was ashamed to admit that there was a higher power greater than myself that always made things "good for me."

Why would I be ashamed?  Why should I be ashamed?

In short, I shouldn't be.
In long term going forward, I won't.

This blog will feature a bible quote every Sunday going forward.  If that isn't your thing, I am sorry.  To those that aren't religious and want to immediately unfollow the blog, I challenge you to just try and open your heart before you click that button.  It may be life changing.

Baseball cards will still be appearing on this blog regularly.
Don't fret!


  1. Great post and a great verse. I am not ashamed of my faith either but as you mentioned, haven't been fully posting a lot about it because wouldn't want to feel like pressuring others into religion.

    I look forward to your Sunday posts and reading some of my favorite verses

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. THIS x 1,000,000. Outstanding post! I oftentimes think about the Apostles who were killed for their faith, and compare them to Christ followers today. Many of us are afraid/ashamed to say something because we will step on people's toes, or it is weird, or we are afraid of what people will think about us. The steps that you have mentioned take courage, and I am smiling ear to ear :) I think that is awesome.

    For Christians, God is not to be kept a secret, or to be kept in a box. He is to be our #1 and shared with everyone, whether in word or action. Today's "americanized Christianity" looks wildly different from what it should be, in my opinion. Today, many think Christianity is a box that you check in the religion section. You "do" Christianity by dressing up and going to church on Sunday. That just isn't how it is supposed to be though. The Bible says that we are to glorify God; to make disciples of the nations. God doesn't want a to be a box that is checked; He wants our entire devotion.

    Anyway, I applaud you good sir - this is excellent stuff!

    1. Now that's a solid comment! All the card bloggers seem to be really good people, so I don't think that anyone's going to be unfollowing you just because you post a verse on Sunday's.

  4. Great post! Looking forward to your Sunday posts along with all your other posts!

  5. I echo what Jon said, I'd be shocked if anyone unfollowed you for sharing your faith. When you mentioned that you weren't quite as religious as the Canseco collector I figured you were a little like me- not a "true believer", not agnostic, just..somewhere in the middle. But it looks like you've gotten in touch with your spiritual side, which is great.

    Btw, the girl I mentioned on my blog, the one in Salt Lake? one of the things i dug about her was her faith. i never felt it myself, but I could tell that the lord gave her guidance and strength, and that was fascinating to me. hope He does the same for you.

  6. Bible on brother! I'm not religious... but I have nothing against religious people. There are a few card bloggers who use bible verses in their posts... and I enjoy all of them.