Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tiger Sharks, Tiger Printing Process

Tonight on Discovery Channel's Shark Week is a special about tiger sharks.  Of all the sharks, tiger sharks are one of the most dangerous to humans.
Tiger sharks get their name for the stripes they have.  They have beautiful grey, black, and white skin that make these majestic creatures stand out in the oceans.

I will be missing the episodes tonight as I have to close the store.
As a fan of the Discovery Channel, I wonder if Cutch has been watching Shark Week.
I have half of the printing proofs used to make this card (still need the yellow and cyan). These are really cool in person as they aren't numbered and don't have backs.  They are strictly just like the blank backs that Topps puts out, but only feature one color of the printing process.  Panini has been doing the same thing with their Donruss line recently, but have been numbering those.
This proof resembles the colors you will see on a Tiger Shark.

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  1. Seeing that card back takes me back to 1991. I opened a bunch of 1991 Studio. It was one of those things where I bought it, because it was different.