Tuesday, September 25, 2018

89 cents > $54

I haven't been picking up Cutch cards anywhere close to the way I was getting them for the past 3 years.  I used to average a card a day in the mail.

The lack of physical cards ending up in my mailbox hasn't stopped me from continuously looking for great deals though.

For some reason there seems to be unknown short print cards of Cutch each year.

2016 Allen & Ginter relics come to mind as does this Target exclusive 2018 Heritage High Number insert.

Being a retail exclusive definitely makes it tougher to get, but the difference between what some people who know how rare this card is compared to those that don't is mind blowing.

On one scale you have one being sold for $54.

On the other scale you have one that finished at $0.89

So how did I do for my 89 cent winning bid?


  1. I'm not sure to laugh or cry. The guy asking $54 is ridiculous. Glad you were able to find it at a much more reasonable price.

    1. $54 for the card is insane. I might go $5, but I was happy to get it for 89 cents