Thursday, September 6, 2018

N-43 N-43 Hut hut hike

Football is back!!!!

I have no idea what this card has to do with football other than it's name sounds like a play call.

The 2010 Allen & Ginter N-43 play homage to the original oversized N-43 cards.  Back in 1889, the original N-43 cards featured 50 athletes from many different sports including swimmers, oarsmen, walkers/runners, high jumpers, and of course Base Ball players.  Information on the original set can be found here.

The 2010 release also had autographs, relics, and autograph/relic combo cards.  The base set contained 15 players as part of the checklist.  Five of the base players didn't have an autograph or relic version, just the base.  The five guys that didn't get the bigger hit treatmeant included Andre Ethier, Hunter Pence, BJ Upton, Justin Upton, and unfortunately Andrew McCutchen.

For those that are watching, enjoy the return of football.