Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another Case Break, Another Steal of Deal

Last month I entered a case break for a player of choice.  The winning bid for my 2018 Chronicles Andrew McCutchen break was only $2.25.

While I didn't hit any major hits (relics or autos), I did manage to get a parallel and all of the base cards from the multiple inserts Cutch appears in.

The base card and back for Chronicles

 The base card and back for Classics insert

 The base card and back for Spectra insert

The lone parallel was the Classics /99.


  1. I bid on a team case break tonight. Your posts were part of the inspiration. Didn't win though. Final bid was more than twice my max bid.

    1. Sometimes you can get very lucky and get extremely good value from them. Teams like the Angels RedSox and Yankees always command ridiculous prices and if you don't get a monster hit it is a huge gamble and often a loss. The smaller market teams like Pirates and Rays and the like always provide good value more often than not.