Sunday, November 17, 2019

How I got a black and blue eye

Well...not really...
I didn't get a black and blue eye. Instead I haven't been sleeping much at all and have been helping out a coworker by basically working doubles for the past week.  

The paycheck right before Black Friday will be very nice!

In the very little free time I have had in the past week I have been going through my countless number of cards not scanned to show off for my 1,000th post here on Collecting Cutch.
This card was referenced as "on it's way" way back in 2017.  You can read that post here.

Kinda makes you wonder what else I may not have shown off over the past 2 years, huh?


  1. Awesome card. Is that gold sharpie, or does the ye black just make it look gold?

    Hope the paycheck is worth all the extra work.

  2. *aye, me typo sounded like pirate talk, argh!

  3. These are cool. Not player worn, right? Just a different idea for a sticker?

  4. Also, pretty sure Cutch doesn't have three eyes, so /3 is sort of odd.

    1. Haha no. Not game used. Just a different material for sticker autos.

  5. Kudos to Panini. Normally not a huge fan of their stuff, but the idea to have players sign eye blacks is pretty cool. Hope you get lots of rest over the Thanksgiving break.