Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Living Set

Mayumi Seto.  Her name appeared on this blog about two years ago when I got my 2,000th unique Andrew McCutchen card.  You can revisit that post here.  Since then I've added another 500+ cards to the collection.

Mayumi is most famous for being the artist of Topps The Living Set

As noted a few years ago she also worked on Topps Gallery in 2017.

I purchased the original art used to produce the retail exclusive set.

This is one of three original art production cards I own.  Below you can see the card produced from the original artwork above.

There is a few more of these originals out there and I am trying to negotiate to get a 4th.


  1. Man that could not have been cheap. Seto also did or does all the sketch cards for the Transcendence set which might be why Topps went down to two Living cards per week right now, plus her work for the Gallery set.

  2. Damn. Owning an original piece of art used to make cards has to be up there as one of the coolest things ever. I'd say that beats out 99.9% of the McCutchens in existence in regards to coolness.