Tuesday, April 6, 2021


The 1972 Topps set will always be associated to me as the last playing days card of Roberto Clemente. It also is represented by my first look at the 1972 set via the 1987 Turn Back the Clock subset featuring Clemente. 

So it was a nice surprise to see Topps pay respect to Clemente by creating a 21 card insert set to Roberto Clemente in this year's Topps Heritage release which pays homage to the 1972 design.  The number 21 was of course worn by Clemente throughout his playing career.

I quickly jumped on adding the black refractor from this year's Topps Heritage to my collection.  It is limited to only 72 copies.
Mine is serially numbered 21/72 in the top right corner.  So close to a Cutch22 serial number, but I will gladly take the Clemente numbering for a 1972 inspired set.

Have you gotten any Topps Heritage cards yet?  

If so any luck pulling a Clemente insert card?


  1. Finally found a box in Idaho, of all places. Got a couple of Tigers and a relic card.

    I wonder if they put Kaline in that set, as the very first winner of the Award.

  2. I ordered a hobby box and a "value" (retail) box online and got them on Saturday. I expect to have a post on them in the next few days. Congrats on picking up that Cutch black refractor.

  3. I didn't buy any packs but I bought into a Nachos Grande break and got some nice stuff.

    The Clemente inserts are nice but I have to wonder how common it was for him to be called "The Great One"? I've never heard any athlete called that other than Wayne Gretzky.

  4. That's a nice looking card! Because of the black border, I was thinking that it was gonna be a 1/1. Probably better for you that it wasn't though :)

  5. Don't look too happy, Cutch! The black if a fun spin on this design.

  6. No 2021 Heritage yet... but I haven't really gone out of my way to look for any either. I'll give it another few weeks, then I'll head over to eBay to find a complete set (assuming they are reasonably priced).