Monday, April 26, 2021

✌ I'm at peace ✌

On Saturday night at 1130pm a grail card was ending on eBay being sold by PWCC Vault and it was already graded as a PSA9.  

PSA, 1/1, and PWCC tend to be a mix for very high sales
Now when I say grail card, I literally mean THE CARD that any Andrew McCutchen fan would want to own.

Above is the Superfractor 1/1 from Andrew McCutchen's Bowman Chrome draft year (1st Bowman)
Would it be nice to add such a legendary card to the collection?
You bet your ass it would have been awesome.

6 months ago, I probably would have gotten into a bidding war for it even though it is being sold by PWCC who is known to be involved in graded trading card scandals over the past few years.  
Not today though

Because here's the thing...
as I was packing and preparing to move I came to a very zenful moment regarding my collection.  

I'm at peace with my Cutch PC.

I have acquired over 3,000 unique cards of Cutch including over 20 1/1 cards that use the Superfractor technology (this includes Bowman Platinum Foilfractors and Panini Gold Vinyl cards)

In addition to those Superfractors (and similar style technology) I also have the 2005 Bowman Chrome Draft Red Refractor, which just happens to be a 1/1 also.  I wrote about it just over a year ago here.
The 2005 Bowman Draft Chrome release had 6 1/1s available for each card produced when you take into account the 4 printing plates, Superfractor, and Red Refractor.   Having bought the red 1/1 for 10% of the Superfractor is fine with me.  I don't need to drop THREE GRAND on a card to prove I have the best McCutchen collection, grail card or not.

That doesn't mean I won't be adding new Cutch items to the collection.  I am most definitely not done CollectingCutch.  

I'm just changing my mindset on how I am going about adding new things to the collection and the prices I am willing to pay.  I got more of an adrenaline rush adding the foul ball hit before his EPIC walkoff homer in 2018 than any 1/1 Superfractor could bring.

Card prices are stupid right now and that's why I'm changing it up a bit

I will share a top 10 list soon...


  1. When I saw the price I was like WHOA! That's a lot of dough: it's a downpayment on a car! Bravo on the restraint and, as well, for re-visioning your collecting policies/habits/etc. Your Red Refractor is just as nice and I feel just as rare.

  2. Very, very smart. And glad you feel at peace. Your collection is amazing, but it's not fun if you feel stress and need to add add add. And I'm glad to see you be able to pass on such an item, and still focus on the positives of your collection. Well done!

  3. I like the look and appeal of the red card better anyways.

  4. The good news is that you probably saved yourself a lot of money over the long run, because unless his career picks up, this card is only going to go down in price over time.

  5. I see Matthew Boyd cards that are way out of what I can go for as well.

    It's certainly hard, as a collector, to pass on such cool cards.

    Good Job. 👍

  6. Why wouldn't you be at peace with your Cutch collection? It's AWESOME, and most of us could only dream of having a PC of our favorite players that was a fraction of it!

  7. Good thing you realized it before you dropped several grand on the card! I don't think anyone out there will be challenging you to be the King of Cutch!

  8. I'm glad you're at peace and totally understand that you've gotta draw the line somewhere. Can't wait to see the Top 10. Based on what we've seen over the years, I'm sure it's going to be insane.