Friday, April 30, 2021

Kong is better than Godzilla

I recently got myself an HBO Max subscription to test out so that I can stream a few movies (Zach Snyder Justice League cut, Godzilla vs Kong, and Mortal Kombat).  

The first thing I streamed was Kong: Skull Island.

I have a secret I need to share.
I love primates!!!!
I have been a fan of King Kong since I went on the old Universal Theme Park ride and it smelled like bananas.  I loved that ride so much when I was in my preteens.  I even enjoyed the 2005 Jack Black starred, Peter Jackson directed King Kong movie that lasted almost 4 hours long. 

I also loved Brie Larson in Kong:Skull Island so that helped to rewatch K:SI 
Once I watched Kong: Skull Island I went back and rewatched both Godzilla movies.

I'm not as big a fan of Godzilla as I am King Kong.  One of my old friends was obsessed with Godzilla.  I never understood the fanhood of the character.  

Now I don't want to spoil anything in Godzilla vs Kong, but Kong comes up in a huge way to help save the day, but let me say that in an actual fight between the two Godzilla will certainly win, but I'm rooting for Kong.

Much like sketch cards I prefer the (Brian) Kong variety to the (Bob)Zilla variety

Above is the original art Brian Kong created for a pack inserted sketch card in 2015 Topps Museum Canvas Collection.
That sketch card was also used to create the reproduction insert card found in 2015 Topps Museum Canvas as seen below
Brian Kong's art is so good it was also used as the reproduction art for the 2016 Topps Museum Reproction Canvas Collection cards
Above is the 5x7 gold parallel numbered to 10 copies

Below is a 1/1 mini sketch card from 2014 Allen & Ginter.
The above sketch is by also by Brian Kong, who has worked with Topps for many years on many different projects. I have been able to talk to Brian about comics and baseball fairly regularly when I would see him at comic book conventions in the mid 2000s.  

Above is the first sketch I ever got from Brian at the Big Apple Comic Con April 2005.
My two favorite characters (Sawyer and Kate) from my favorite TV show of all time (Lost).

I've been doing a lot of talking about (Brian) Kong, but let's talk about that Zilla now...
Bobzilla has fed off the hype of the Topps Project2020 and Project70 success and has been drawing on cards and selling them via ebay which I have lost because quite frankly the art style doesn't appeal to me.

  A few lines and a dinosaur?

I can do that myself.
For much less money too...

I've been drawing on cards for half a decade and some of you may even have some of my originals, which I did long before TP2020 or TP70 came out.  No offense to Mr. Zilla but I'm going to stick with my favorite Kaiju named artist and that is KONG!!!!

Who is your favorite kaiju?
Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, or something entirely different?

What do you think of these "artists" like Bobzilla selling cards that have been drawn on?


  1. I watched Kong: Skull Island on a plane. I forget where I was going. LA I think. It was a good plane movie, as I don't know if I would have watched it otherwise.

    Kong's sketch cards are great! And I agree, I've seen some of Bobzillas and don't really get it. Lines and dots with puffypaint. Just my POV.

  2. I'm a Godzilla guy. Been a fan since I was a kid with my Shogun Warrior toy.

    As for artist painting on cards, I don't have any problems with it. It's just another form of art. There have been more than a handful of cards I considered purchasing on Baseball Card Vandals... but always talk myself out of it after a few minutes.

    1. P.S. Love Brian Kong's work. He's one of my favorite 2010 Topps Chicle artists.

  3. Kong is definitely my favorite. I've enjoyed all the King Kong movies. I like Godzilla but he is not up there like Kong is in my fandom. The son is big Godzilla fan though. We really Liked Kong vs Godzilla.

  4. From your post title it sounds like this should be a comparison of Dave Kingman and Hideki Matsui (in which case I would pick Godzilla).

  5. When I was a kid, I'd watch reruns of the old '50s King Kong and Godzilla movies on Saturdays. That's about the last time I was interested in that stuff. But I always liked Godzilla better. Come on, he breathes fire!