Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Rare Artifact Emerged

As a player collector, I am often looking for the rarest of items first rather than the more readily available items.

Yesterday I discussed passing up a grail item due to the large sum of money it went for.
For every 1,000 listings of 2020 and 2021 Topps Heritage cards (and all the parallels that coincide with it) there is maybe 5 listings for a 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic card of Cutch.  

As of today there are ZERO base cards of the SP Authentic card available for sale via an eBay auction. 


The fairly recent release of 2021 Topps Heritage yields nearly 100 card listings for McCutchen.  

I don't have to spend my money and time searching for those right now, they'll be readily available for bulk purchase on COMC in the months to come. 

I would rather focus my efforts on the cards that don't pop up too often. 

Back in February one of the rarest Cutch rookies appeared for sale from a company no longer attached to baseball cards.

I pulled the trigger.

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic offered a simple design with a limited number of parallels to chase for each card in the 200 card set.
Gold /299
Copper /99
Silver /59
Titanium /19

I already owned the base, gold, and copper versions of this card.  The next rarest was the silver limited to 59 copies.

I can cross that silver off the need list.
I am still messing around with the "scanner" on my camera phone as I threw out the old scanner as part of the temporary move.  
How do the images look with the camera phone scanner?


  1. Images look great!

    Congrats on the pickup. I always have to refrain from buying the new stuff, as it will always come down in the following months. Although a few rare Tino cards have popped up lately, I am not at the point of dropping $300 on a Tino card. So I keep my purchases of the rare stuff within reason.

  2. Images are great. I need to do a little more hunting for the uncommon cards I need.

  3. Looks like I need to start playing around with scanner apps on my phone.

  4. There's a scanner app? I've just been using my camera for my posts and it's a crapshoot. Nice pickup!