Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Josh Trout > Mike Trout

Mike Trout may be a generational baseball player, but Josh Trout is a generational sketch artist.

Let me set the stage

Behold the box it was shipped in
I carefully removed the outside band holding the package card inside.
Above is the very unique box that acts as a perfect compliment to the card itself.  I love the rookie cup design stating it is a Topps Artist and officially licensed.
Inside was a very nice hand written note on one of Josh's business cards.  It just so happens to feature that other Trout guy too.
Once I removed the business card I had this beautifully drawn absolutely stunning card of the Keystone State Legend that is Andrew McCutchen.

Thank you Josh!


  1. That card is incredible. Well done by Josh.

  2. Great sketch! (voice of Lloyd from Back To The Future)

  3. Fantastic sketch! The custom packaging is a nice bonus.