Friday, July 30, 2021

So, you're a Trade-er?

Today is the trade deadline so I thought it would be appropriate to discuss one of the more surprising trades that has happened.  The Scherzer/Turner to LA is a topic for another day, but I really want to discuss Anthony Rizzo, long time face of the Cubs and the player who owns the ball which ended the 100+ year World Series drought has been traded to the New York Yankees.  This came just one day after Joey Gallo was traded to the Yankees.  Rizzo has the face and personality to win over New York Yankees fans immediately, but I am sad to see him leave Chicago.  I know he was drafted by the Red Sox and played briefly as a rookie for the Padres, but I will always associate Rizzo with the Cubs and their complete rebuild which ultimately lead to a championship.  Rizzo was the Cubs, through and through.  

I've shown off some of my Cutch and Rizzo cards in the past including the one in today's post.

One of my favorite booklet cards I own is a quad patch card of Nolan Arenado, Anthony Rizzo, Andrew McCutchen, and Giancarlo Stanton.  
It's an impressive piece of oversized cardboard, containing massive chunky jersey cards from

Nolan Arenado
3xTop5 NL MVP
6x All Star
4x Silver Slugger
8x Gold Glove
43.1 WAR (career)
⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾
Anthony Rizzo
1x World Series Champion (2016)
2x Top 5MVP
3x All Star
1x Silver Slugger
3x Gold Glove
36.6 WAR (career)
⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾
Andrew McCutchen
2013 NL MVP (4xTop5 MVP)
5xAll Star
4xSilver Slugger
1xGold Glove
46.1 WAR (career)
⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾
Giancarlo Stanton
2017 NL MVP (2x Top 5)
4x All Star
2x Silver Slugger
42.1 WAR (career)

All players on this card have been traded since they signed their contract extensions.

3 of these players have been traded to the Yankees (McCutchen, Rizzo, Stanton).

All four players signed contract extensions for 6-10+ years with the teams depicted on this massive booklet.  

Many fans of these franchises were hoping these players would all finish their careers with the Rockies, Cubs, Pirates, and Marlins respectively.

It seems that 1 team franchise players will long be a thing of the past.  The days of Cal Ripken Jr, Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, and Todd Helton type players appear to be gone.  I love the extensions given to Tatis and Acuna, but feel they will one day be traded as well.  

What active player do you think has a chance at staying with one franchise for his entire career?  Can you see Clayton Kershaw or Jacob Degrom pitching for another team?  Will Freddie Freeman test free agency next year and sign with another team? 


  1. Man, that patch is beautiful!!!

  2. That's so awesome. What a cool card.

    I'm excited for both Rizzo and Gallo, if for nothing else to inject some life into a putrid offense. I also hope they each get a few Yankee cards (especially Rizzo since he might only be in NY for 2 months).

    I definitely think Kershaw and Trout spend their entire careers with one team. I assume Posey will too. I will also cheat and say Molina.

  3. What do you mean Scherzer/Turner is for another day?????

    Kershaw for sure.

    I barely think of the Cubs anymore so Rizzo's place with them didn't mean much. But he's going to be annoying now.

  4. Sweet booklet. I wish more players would stay with one franchise... but I realize it's not always up to them. Sure hope Posey stays with the Giants his entire career... and Molina with the Cards. As a fan of Freeman... I'd love to see him stay in Atlanta, but have no idea if he will or not.

  5. I don't see Joey Votto going to any other team at this point.

    Brett Gardner, who isn't a Hall of Fame level talent but is probably better than most people give him credit for, seems likely not to play for anyone but the Yankees.

    I hope deGrom stays a Met, but who knows?

  6. As a Nats fan they ticked me off by trading Trea Turner to the Dodgers. Max Scherzer going I'm also a little mad at but not as much because it seemed the writing was on the wall they would Trade Max somewhere. Just glad it wasn't one of those stupid trading to a division rival things. But trading Turner surprised and angered me. He is one of my favorite players. As with other players that have come and gone I will still follow his career and root for him except when the Dodgers play the Nats then I will pray for a Nats win despite all the Nats Killers on the team now.

    I had thought that Trea was going to be a Life Time Nat like Ryan Zimmerman. Of course one always wants all of one's favorite players to stay on their favorite team but trades happen and Free Agents walking somewhere else that will give them more Money *cough* Bryce Harper *cough* will also happen.

  7. I think it's Freddy Freeman. From all I've seen, or read, he's means a lot to the franchise.

  8. That booklet is awesome, though I still miss Arenado.