Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Future Of Collecting?

With Topps experiencing so much success with it's Project 2020 and Project 70 releases where they only produce cards to demand and so many other successful lines in the past like Topps Now and Living Set, could Topps (or other manufacturers) eventually change their production to be only "print on demand" style?

With younger audiences more interested in paying for Fortnite skins than paying for a pack of 9 baseball cards, it is very likely that in 10 years there will be no more cards printed in the traditional way.

Topps has been using the Bunt app since late 2012 to create digital cards.

Some of those digital cards are now selling for a lot of money.  Younger fans may choose to get digital portfolios than having a 9 pocket binder or top loaders to go through and store.

Add to it the current (and confusing to me) NFT (non fungible token) trend there is greater demand for a minimalist digital strategy.

I can't get into it, but if it does happen there could be some cool designs made if everything is digital.

Look at these digital cards I've swiped screenshots from eBay over the years.

Do you think traditional cardboard will ever go away?

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