Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Strange Rules are afoot with the Hayes, K.

So as I was packing up all my McCutchen cards and collectibles in general, I was talking to my girlfriend about the hobby and things got off on a tangent when trying to defend some of the standard rules we use while collecting.

I came across a small stash of Ke'Bryan Hayes cards that I had purchased 5+ years ago before I shifted my collecting focus to be just Collecting Cutch and started to explain to her how much these cards are worth now and she was shocked.
3 base rookie autographs that currently sell in the $400-$450 range, a BGS 9.5 with 10 auto, and the 1/1 Magenta Printing Plate auto.  Not a bad stash.
How about a 1/1 Superfractor from 2016 Bowman Top 100 Prospects?
Or some more autographs from Bowman?
The dual auto with his dad is serially numbered 12/25 (paging Gavin)
Laundry tags and Buttons and prime patches and acetate autographs all from Panini and Leaf products
Speaking of Leaf...

I am currently looking to move these via other social media accounts instead of eBay as they don't fit where my collection is currently at.

Click here to remember the origin of how I became CollectingCutch.

I had to explain some of the rules regarding card collecting and it got me thinking that some of them are just stupid...

For example why do people pay more for a rookie card in 2009 Topps Update than a 1st All Star Game appearance in 2011 Topps Update two years later that may have a smaller print run and is from the most famous flagship baseball set of modern times?

Why do supercollectors collect 5-20+ parallels of basically the same card, but with different borders?

Why do people in the hobby even collect tiny pieces of cardboard that could just be printed on photostock and hung on the walls?

All interesting points and it really got me thinking about how I am going to collect going forward.  Fortunately I have at least 1K cards in my collection I never showed off on here so there will still be content as things settle down on the moving front.

I did order my first card since moving out of the old apartment.
It's a Ke'Bryan Hayes Project70 card by Alex Pardee.  Something about the oddness of this card reminds me of those awesome Metal Universe cards from the mid 90s where the hottest stars were on alien worlds or fighting tentacles or atop a pyramid.  Weird stuff is awesome.  


  1. I like that Pardee card. Hoping he rolls out a Yankee in his weird alien look.

    That's an excellent Hayes collection, and hope you're able to move it and get something good.

  2. Wait so you're gonna try to move the Ke'Bryan cards because they don't fit in the collection but you ordered the freaky Ke'Bryan spider card? Something about that doesn't make sense to me. Still, nice little collection you have there.

    1. I really dig comic books and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I'd rather have the Pardee displayed than all those others

    2. Fair enough sir! Meant no offense by it. Hope you get an impressive profit by unloading them!

  3. i've successfully chased down most of the parallels of steve garvey's 2021 donruss retro 87 card, but i am not sure i would do it again. it's his first time in a current set with so many (ridiculous) parallels, so there's a novelty factor i suppose. i am learning that i was secretly happy he had been left out of most recent sets because super collecting has become a questionable endeavor.

  4. Figured you'd get that Hayes card.

    As for collecting, I'm not sure I'll ever understand paying enormous prices for a RC of a player that's never come close to playing over a card from the 1959s, or '60s.

    Good Job. 👍