Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Today, We Wear 21

Much like Jackie Robinson Day, where the entire league wears the number 42, the Pittsburgh Pirates will all be wearing 21 today.  In addition to the Pirates, players with strong connections to Pittsburgh or Puerto Rico may choose to wear the number 21 to pay tribute to the late great Roberto Clemente.

I have a small sub collection of Roberto Clemente cards in my McCutchen collection, but one of my favorite items in my entire collection is this original artwork by Wilfred Santiago.
It was used to help create the graphic novel 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente.
What an iconic image of Roberto hitting his 3,000th hit in his final regular season at bat before his life was tragically taken in the off season.

Happy Roberto Clemente Day everyone.


  1. I read all of the Roberto Clemente award nominees get to wear 21 today too.

    1. Yes, all nominees and all past winners will wear it. Any other player can, as well, as long as they get the request in on time for the team to have the jersey made.

  2. Happy Roberto Clemente Day! Congratulations on the walk-off win!

  3. I was confused last night when I saw Rizzo in 21, but glad it was for Clemente.