Thursday, January 17, 2019

As a rookie, silk is hard to wear

I have over 200 cards of Cutch that haven't been updated into my spreadsheet or scanned to the blog.

Among them is an extremely difficult to obtain silk collection rookie card of Cutch from 2009 Topps Update.

I've sat on this card for about six months before finally unearthing it to show off.

Here are my other silk cards I have previously shown off.

The silk parallels are a fascinating parallel.  Most people pass them off as gimmicky (and they certainly are), but because of the low numbering and lack of general interest in them most people just hold onto them instead of trying to sell them.

It has been about six years since I last saw one pop up for sale.


  1. I have one or two of these. They are pretty neat. I don't actively keep an eye out for them, but I do find them cool.

  2. I love these. I only have a handful of these. One of them is a Stanton rookie though.