Friday, January 11, 2019

It's Clear To Me....I love clear cards

The clear parallels Topps has been producing over the past few years have been some of my favorite (and hardest to get) parallels to collect.

The back of the cards are always my favorite to look at.  For some reason it always brings back to those old Fleer Ultra X-Men cards I collected as a kid.  (Images at bottom of the post, provided by various websites)
I just love clear acetate cards.

The front shows the /10 numbering
It features the same image as all other parallels that are available to chase.

Here are some of the old Fleer Ultra Marvel cards I loved as a kid.  I sold my Marvel cards as part of my comic book liquidation in 2012 so all these images were from eBay.

If I were to ever get back into collecting nonsports cards again, one of the above 3 characters would be the focus of my collection.