Monday, January 28, 2019

The Blue Man who Bows


What if Bowman weren't a card release focusing on prospects and veterans, but it actually referred to a superhero?

Would Bowman be wearing one of these?

Or using one of these?

Or crazier yet, would he greet his enemies with one of these?

That's where the English language can get a little confusing I suppose.

Just like if I were to say I am feeling blue.

Does that mean I am depressed and bummed?

Or does it mean I am feeling like wearing nothing but the color blue.

Thank goodness this blog generally only focuses about baseball cards, eh?

We all know what Bowman means to the hobby.

And we all know a printing plate is called cyan, not blue.


This is entry two in my week long devotion to only showing off Andrew McCutchen 1/1s in San Francisco Giants uniforms.