Monday, January 21, 2019

Hall of Fame Announcement

It will be revealed tomorrow who else will be joining Lee Smith and Harold Baines in the Hall of Fame.

I thought it might be cool to show off some Cutch cards I have featuring members already in the Hall of Fame.

Tris Speaker
Ralph Kiner

Willie Stargell

(The above also features HOF Reggie Jackson)

Roberto Clemente

Clemente and Stargell

(Ok so the above card doesn't feature Cutch, but darn is it a nice card)

Stargell and Kiner
Ken Griffey Jr (along with Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson making appearances too)

Not a bad mini PC to combine, right?

So here are the people I would vote in

1&2: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get my vote because I believe in the Chris Archer rule: never convicted, never admitted, and HOF careers prior to belived start dates.

3. Larry Walker
4.Edgar Martinez
5.Mariano Rivera
6.Roy Halladay
7.Roy Oswalt (needs to get 5% for future votes)
8.Mike Mussina
9.Todd Helton
10.Curt Schilling


  1. The Speaker/Cutch/Trout card is an interesting combo. I like the ones of Cutch and Clemente. So appropriate.

  2. I wonder why Topps paired the A's with the Pirates on that Museum Collection card. Anyways... I sure hope Bonds and Clemens finally get in.

    1. My only guess is that Cespedes and Cutch were budding superstars and they had some extra Reggie Jackson pants relics that needed to be cut up.