Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cobra Origins

I missed a post yesterday because I was just too exhausted from work and chose to go on hiatus for 24 hours and just recover.  

We are back with another installment in the 1st (and likely only) Karate Kid/Cobra Kai theme week on Collecting Cutch.

I finished Season 3 yesterday and the Cobra Kai season 3 is the best yet.  There is a fantastically filmed scene that looks to have been mostly shot all in one shot. 

I won't go into too many spoilers, but the most intriguing character development is the backstory of Sensei John Kreese. 

Kreese is the original sensei of Cobra Kai and we learn the origins of Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy.  The former Vietnam soldier had one hell of a origin.

Since I am not only looking at the Karate Kid trilogy, but also Cobra Kai I am a bit surprised it took me until Thursday to discuss someone named after a cobra because of how hard he struck a baseball and the serpent like motion he threw a baseball from the outfield.  I am of course talking about The Cobra, Dave Parker.  
I mentioned the amazing artwork that Daniel Horine is doing on his popflyshop where he sells prints of his comic book cover inspired baseball prints.  He is planning on releasing them as a 5x7 print set, but after the 7 day order window is up for the 8x10prints, no more will be printed.  It is very important to visit his shop at least once a week to see what the new art is.

There are so many easter eggs in each print he creates.  

For The Cobra print seen above here are some of the eggs I saw.

The price of the comic (79 cents) is a nod to the 1979 World Series Champions, Pittsburgh Pirates.  
The issue number (39) is Parker's Pirates jersey number.  
In the "floating head" box we see a hockey mask, a nod to when Parker wore a hockey mask due to a broken nose.
The image of Parker smoking in the dugout is a fairly famous image for the Two Time Batting Champ (which is mentioned on the cover)
The smoke from the cigarette forms a cobra, his nickname.

The text references a famous saying he wore on a t-shirt, which is also shown in upper corner. 
As both a comic fan and baseball fan, Daniel's art blows me away with every new print he puts out. 

He currently has a Babe Ruth print available (seen below),  Check his website often for more updates.

Here is the only licensed card of Cobra and Cutch I own.
It is from 2013 Topps Archives and is a Fan Favorites insert card.

I also have an unlicensed card featuring 1/1 patches and sticker autos of Cobra and Cutch from Hits Memorabilia.

What is your fondest memory of Dave "The Cobra" Parker?

What are your thoughts on Daniel's popflypopshop art prints combining comics and baseball?

Have you watched Season 3 of Cobra Kai and did you like the backstory for Sensei Kreese?


  1. Parker was a great player, saw him many times on TV growing up. His throws from RF in the All-Star game at the Kingdome was amazing.

    If that artist makes a Tigers one, and I can get it, I will. I wanted the Garvey, but didn't have the money at the time.

    Don't have Netflix, no Cobra 🐍 Kai.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. A. 1979 All-Star Game highlights
    B. Awesome artwork. Bummed I missed out on Rickey.
    C. Not yet. But I plan on it.

  3. Those are cool!

    I have to watch all three seasons!

  4. I have never particularly liked sports art, weather the classic stuff or the modern stuff like the 2020 Project. These Pop Fly's though, are fantastic. I just browsed this guys website - and really enjoyed them.

  5. I loved his throw from RF in the '79 ASG. Also, that he was still a beast on the Reds and Brewers late in his career. With over 2,700 hits and career accolades, he should be a HOFer. That mask alone should do it.

  6. Love that Cobra comic cover! I actually just scored a real Ozzie Smith comic book that I need to feature on my blog at some point.

    I watched the first few Cobra Kai episode when they originally debuted on YouTube a few years ago, but only the free ones. Now I'm catching up on Netflix, but still in season 1 currently.