Tuesday, January 19, 2021

These pants got swag

2020 was a very strange year.

Unemployment went to record heights and many brick and mortar stores closed up due to the pandemic.

And yet there was a renewed interest in sports cards and other hobbies soared to heights the market hasn't seen since the early 90s collecting craze that impacted both comics and cards.

I was able to add a lot of really unique items to my collection in 2020, but one of the coolest items was a pair of game used pants worn for a game featuring a top 10 card of the year.
Many youtube channels and hobby forums reviewed their most iconic cards of 2020 and wouldn't you know, the man who wears 22 had a short print Series 2 flagship rank #2 on Beckets top cards of 2020.
I'm not a follower of anything Beckett or Blowout or Hobby Connection or other hobby related news has to say because quite frankly my collection isn't bought to stay trendy.  

My collection is currently just cards (and other items) of my favorite athlete of all-time.

So while Beckett may say the card is iconic, I say the pants are more iconic as they were worn only once and helped create one of the most swaggy cards of this millennium.

Here is the hologram which can be verified via MLB.com
I really have no idea how I will display these since I don't have the jersey.  
Is it weird to get a mannequin just for the lower half?