Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mets Make A Statement


Francisco Lindor and Cookie Carrasco just got traded to the Mets.  With a rotation of Degrom, Syndergaard, Carrasco, and Stroman and an improving offense built around Pete Alonso, the Mets are looking to win the NL East next year.

I have a sticker of Andrew McCutchen with The Polar Bear Pete Alonso on the front.  

The Mets are eyeing up being above just a  competitive team now.

What's your thoughts on the trade? 


  1. My first thought is that with Lindor, Baez, Story, Seater, and Tatis in one league, some deserving shortstop will be snubbed for the All-Star Game year in and year out.

  2. Former Tigers catcher James McCann will be a terrific addition as well...we still miss him in Detroit.

  3. I guess I'm just in a very negative place, but my first thought was that I hope we don't regret letting Gimenez go. But hopefully it should be good for us.

    (BTW, Syndergaard probably won't pitch until the middle of the season at the earliest.)

  4. Thoughts?

    I hope the Mets don't kill him. Every big star they acquire suddenly falls apart in one way or another. I'd hate for that to happen to Lindor. I LIKE him.

  5. Just glad Lindor didn't go to the Yankees or Dodgers.

  6. I'm nervous for Lindor as it seems the Mets are something like a cesspool. I like Lindor a lot and hope that he can play HIS game. But because it's the Mets I won't be surprised by a 4th place finish.

  7. It's a good trade for them. You take that shot every day. Maybe the prospects will amount to something, but who knows. Smart move and we'll see if it pays off.