Sunday, January 10, 2021

New Theme Week: Karate Kid/Cobra Kai

I have discussed my love for 2 specific 1980s movies (and their soundtracks) on this blog in the past.  In case you're just joining me, two of my favorite movies from the 80s are the animated Transformers (1986) and Karate Kid (1984).

Both films feature uplifting and rocking soundtracks.  

I am not the huge fan of Transformers that I was when younger, but the scene of Optimus Prime dying still gets me misty.

Karate Kid however is a different story.  Thanks to the Netflix series, Cobra Kai, I have fallen completely obsessed with every detail from the original movie and it's sequels, reboots, and current TV series.

This week I will be looking at my Andrew McCutchen collection and connecting items to this kicking franchise.

Much like some of my other themed weeks or the month long SaveSecondBase event, every item will tie into the theme in some way.  

To kick it off here is a 2017 Topps Throwback Set commemorating the 1984 design in honor of players' weekend.

As I mentioned above, Karate Kid was released in theatres in 1984.  I was only three years old at the time so obviously it would be years later on a VHS rental before I finally saw it (and fell in love with it).  

Everything about Danny's ability to overcome a new setting and bullies appealed to me when I finally saw it in grade school. 

I chose this card, because it was the last Topps Throwback online set that featured Cutch in a Pirates uniform.  Much like Daniel Larusso's character moving from a familar East Coast setting in Newark, New Jersey, following the 2017 season Cutch was on the move out west to California.

The colors of black and yellow match the colors for Cobra Kai.
I fricking love that show....

I'll talk a little about that show tomorrow.


  1. I still need to watch Kobra Kai. My wife isn’t interested so have to find time to watch it on my own.

  2. I definitely was sucked into Cobra Kai. Haven't seen the 3rd season yet... but I'm excited to check it out.

  3. Like the Karate Kid, haven't seen Cobra Kai ( no Netflix). The guys at the Dan Patrick Show also love Cobra Kai.

  4. Haven't seen the 3rd season yet (Wife had no interest so I have to carve out time to see it) but the first 2 seasons were better than I was expecting. One too many conflicts out of miscommunication / perception, though, so hopefully the 3rd season is a little more straightforward.

    The animated Transformers soundtrack is THE BEST. When they released it with the additional Vince DiCola instrumentals (he also did Rocky 4), that soundtrack became THE BEST. I'm hoping they do a soundtrack with every darn thing in movie order...that would then be THE BESTEST.