Sunday, January 3, 2021

Red(y) for more cards from 2020?

Yesterday I showed off my favorite 20 cards purchased in 2020 that were released in 2020. 

With Cutch being a current member of the Philadelphia Phillies, I subconsciously focused on cards that were red parallels.

It should come as no surprise that I have plenty more red parallels that I picked up in 2020 featuring Cutch.

This card would have received an honorable mention if I chose to expand past the 20 cards I showed yesterday.  

Topps Total is a throwback concept set.  While many curent sets focus on stars and rookies, Topps Total focused on getting the reserves and relief pitchers involved too.  

It was released in multiple waves, each with a 100 card set.  This means that there was a 900 card set or roughly 30 players per team on average.  

Unlike other Topps products with dozens of parallels to chase, Topps Total kept it more simple.  There we're only 3 color parallels to chase.

Red /10
Black /5
Gold 1/1

The back of the card shows no statlines, but does give a history of the player and the Topps Total set.

Have you purchased any of the Topps Online Exclusive set products (Living Set, t206, Topps Total, Topps Now)?

If this set was available more easily in hobby or retail would a set consisting of nearly every team's 25 man roster interest you?


  1. I'm a big time fan of the Topps Living Set, and I've also ordered some Topps NOW cards.

    Yes, I'd get the Tigers cards.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. I've bought one Topps Now card. That's it.

    I sure would buy a Total-like set if packs were available at the big box.

  3. Back in the day, I loved Topps Total. But the only way I'd start buying them again is if they went back to a reasonably priced pack format... and they put statistics on the backs instead of player's highlights.

    As for online exclusives... I have picked up a few of the Project 2020 cards and I'm a member of their Topps Future Stars Club... so I get these 5 card sets each month.

  4. I like Topps Total, but not as an online exclusive.

    I recently bought and am awaiting one of those Topps x Derke Jeter packs. I am an idiot and thought I was getting the full set for $19.99. Turns around I am getting one 10-card pack. Oops.

  5. I have a handful of Topps Now cards, but all bought from other sellers, not directly from Topps. A couple other cards from online sets I bought the same way. The prices on those online sales are just too rich for my blood.