Sunday, January 31, 2021

Getting Help From a Fellow Supercollector

There is a lot of good in this hobby and the supercollector niche really rises to prove that.  

Ever since I redefined my collection and trimmed off a lot of the fat, just focusing on Collecting Cutch, I have made interactions with a group of guys who help each other out with their player collections.  

I get excited when I come across a Roy Oswalt Superfractor spelled wrong on eBay because I know exactly who wants it. Check out Chris' Roy Oswalt collection here

The same situation can be said when other collectors come across a McCutchen card they think I need.  I have gotten a lot of awesome cards via Twitter because of being tagged about their existence.

The supercollector that has in my opinion, the most impressive collection of a single player is Robert Morris aka dalsubfan.  Robert collects Mark Teixeira.  

His collection can be viewed on SportsCard Album under the name dalsubfan.  There you will see over 1,000 1/1s of Mark Teixeira.

If you thought my collection of Andrew McCutchen baseball cards was impressive, your socks are about to be rocked.  Robert's Tex collection is insane!!!

The fellow supercollector reached out to me because he had bought a large lot of autographs and among them was a certain autograph of the Pirates franchise player from the 2010s.  

He asked if I wanted it and sent it my way free of charge because "the McCutchen was a throw in for the lot I bought".

How awesome is that?

These 4x6 photocards were given out at Pirates charity events and their annual PiratesFest held each year in December.
The photocard was signed at an event and is certified on the back by JSA with matching certificate identification number.

Based on the back of the photocard and the image used, I believe this to be a pre debut "card" and autograph of Andrew, likely from the PiratesFest event held in 2008.  

While I am not a handwriting forensic scientist, I have hundreds of things signed by Andrew over the years and know that sometime between 2008-2009 he shortened his signature to the now more simple and better recognized ACutch found on many items.  

If you read this Robert, thank you for the awesome gift.

And if you want to look at thousands of baseball cards of one player, go check out Robert's SportsCardAlbum.


  1. That's awesome! And I have always been impressed by his Tex collection.

  2. That's really great. Congrats on this new piece in your collection. And thanks for pointing out the Oswalt and Texiera collectors. Impressive stuff.

  3. over 1,000 one of ones? that's crazy. crazy awesome.

  4. It seems obscene that of all people, Mark Teixeira, had had over a thousand 1/1 cards made of him.

  5. Thanks again for helping me find the Superfractor. They are getting hard to find since I just reached 12/24 of all possible Oswalt supers.