Thursday, March 18, 2021

Gettin' Rich

Everyone wants to get rich with this hobby, right?  Well I literally did get Rich.

Rich Molinelli, that is. 
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my profile pic/avatar is a sketch card of Andrew McCutchen.  That card was drawn by Rich Molinelli almost a decade ago.  

I wanted an updated version and requested Rich draw him in a Yankees uniform because quite frankly I just don't have enough Cutch Yankees cards.

This is the result of what Rich came up with.
It rocks!!!!  I love the #26 pinstripe jersey, the clean shaved Cutch, and the unique design he threw into the background.

Best of all, it was done on a 2021 sketch card, making this my first of the new season.
If you want to follow Rich here are some of his links

Now for some "get rich" puns
I am always looking to add gold border 2005 Update cards to the collection
I currently have 7.  I've gotten them as cheap as $5 and have paid as much as $20 over my collecting career.

I am shocked at how much these are going for in this crazy hobby world we live in today
$46-$56 is an insane price for these if you ask me, but I guess with a Trout base rookie selling for $600+ regularly now it only makes sense.


  1. Damn, that's like every card now dude. Glad you got 'em while they were cheap.

    That sketch is so cool. Would love to see a Project 70 with Cutch as a Yankee.

  2. Awesome sketch, even if it is "that team"...

  3. Very nice of that dude to make another Cutch card for you.

  4. Sweet sketch. I love that he does his customs on actual Topps cards. As for crazy prices... $42 for a gold Cutch rookie card is pricey. But in regards to being insane... it has nothing on people paying $50 plus for the cryptocurrency card in A&G from a couple of years ago.

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